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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Should You Buy an iPad Mini?


The most awaited product by Apple after the iPhone 5 is the iPad Mini. Now after the launch of this product there are news floating in the technology market about the product and its actual utility. It seems that there has been a bit of disappointment related to this product.
Let us find out what is it all about and why it has disappointed users after they have purchased the product.
Pricing, Display and Resolution
Everyone was banking upon the retina display but it seems that Apple has made a compromise with this technology when it comes to the iPad mini. The resolution of the iPad Mini is that of 1024 x 768p. This resolution is not good enough and it definitely has managed to shock users.
The news media has been floating the news of this new iPad comparing it with the rivals, Nexus and Kindle that are perceived to be leading in their technology. Even though Apple has incorporated 35% of more screen space giving a wide viewing experience but the inferior display quality is disappointing. This is what makes its rivals a better choice when it comes to better display quality.
Another thing that comes immediately to the mind is the price factor. The iPad mini starts at $329 and this is in sharp contrast to what the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire (HD) has to offer. These are priced much less at $199. Nonetheless, when we look at the bulky Kindle Fire that is a whooping 10 inch tablet over the 7.9 inch Apple iPad mini we find the latter to be better. It is relatively easy to hold and handle as compared to the rival 10 inch tab. This is what makes it impressive and gives a reason for the user to prefer it over the iPad Mini. Some users would also like to consider other features that come as an add-on with this new version. 250,000 + applications have been added and this is indeed a treat for technology users. Interestingly these run better unmodified with low screen resolution. A high screen resolution like that of Apple tab is power consuming. Therefore, again it seems that the rivals have taken a bigger leap in comparison to the Apple product.
Mossberg and Nexus are now preferred for watching videos. One will find no or little dissimilarity with the iPad for video viewing purpose.
Physical form
The iPad Mini is not at all disappointing especially in other aspects, such as its physical form. The size of the device has been shrunk to a 7.9 inch display which is indeed impressive. At one glance, anyone would be mesmerized with the sleek and stylish form factor that Apple has offered. It is relatively thinner and light in weight due to its physical from. This does seem impressive especially when we look at the number of added features that comes along as surprises packed into this small tablet. It has a solid aluminum and glass body that makes it a sturdy tablet.
Keeping the above factors and arguments in mind it can be concluded that iPad Mini is not a total disappointment. If one is looking for 250,000+ features as add-ons, sleek design, a thin form and light metallic body then this would be a good choice. As far as the pricing factor is concerned, it hardly matters for Apple fans. Additionally, you may want to consider complete app catalogue available for this new version and the dual camera that adds on to the advantage. However, the poor display might disappoint you especially if you are looking forward to play videos on the device.
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