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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What To Consider When You Buy An iPod Online

 By Mark Etinger


When you choose to buy an iPod online, you are doing yourself a big favor by skipping lines and being able to take your time and really buy the model you want. But you also need to be sure of what you want. There's a lot to choose from nowadays with iPods, so before you buy an iPod online, consider which will work best for you.

The smallest iPod is the Shuffle. It's changed a lot over the years and now is just a tiny, colorful square that you can clip anywhere. There is no screen, just the wheel to make your selection. Obviously since you lack a screen you may wonder what song just came on your iPod since you can't look at it. There's actually a cool option call VoiceOver in which the iPod tells you what the name of the song and artist are. It comes only in a 2GB size so it'll hold just a couple hundred songs. This is for the person who just wants an easy way to bring some music on the go but doesn't need their whole library. You'll want to use quality headphones in earbud style for the Shuffle to make it as sleek and comfortable as possible.

After the Shuffle comes the Nano. Think of it as the opposite of a Shuffle. It's just a a mini touch screen, no wheel. It comes in a variety of colors, from basic silver to bright pink or orange. There are two choices of size here, an 8GB or 16GB. Of course, size changes price. Both are still relatively small sizes but can carry a couple thousand songs so you can take a big chunk of your library with you.

The iPod Classic is the mother of all iPods. When you buy an iPod online and you know you want something to hold every album you've ever come across in your entire life, the classic is the way to go. With 160GB you can hold 40,000 songs, so you'll never be without a single mp3 including all the obscure ones you listen to once every 3 months.

The iPod Touch is for the technology hound. Not only can it store anywhere from 8, 32, or 64GB of music but you can take pictures and video, enjoy gaming and use FaceTime to talk to others. You've also got the internet and apps at your fingertips. It's practically an iPhone without the phone. If you gotta have it all, this is the model to go with if you buy an iPod online.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finding The Right Microsoft Certification Training

 By Diane Morey


It seems the value of certification in the IT industry only continues to increase. Whether you are an individual that is looking to further your career, or a business executive that has recognized the value of having certified employees, it is important to find a Microsoft Certification training provider that offers the type of delivery method that is right for you.

First of all, it is important to find a delivery method that suits your individual learning style. Some people may enjoy the freedom of self-paced training, while others may require a more structured approach. You can find both of these options in courses that can be taken completely online. However, this may not be the best solution if you are more of a hands on type of person.

Some students may prefer a hands-on learning experience that offers the availability of an instructor to answer questions as they arise. A classroom environment also offers the additional advantage of student interaction and collaboration that isn't normally found in online courses. If time is of the essence, some companies offer boot camps that are designed to give each student the same hands-on, in depth learning experience, but in a fraction of the time it takes to complete traditional courses.

Once the delivery method is determined, it is also important to find a provider that offers the courses that are needed for the desired certification. It is also very helpful to find one that offers study labs and testing. Most reputable providers will offer students the guidance they need in choosing a recommended path to becoming certified.

Your individual budget is another thing to consider when choosing a provider. Keep in mind that some facilities may have lower course prices, but it is important that you know what is included in the price in advance. Any additional expenses, such as courseware and exam vouchers should also be included. Some providers may offer packages that include everything you need to become certified and more.

Instructor led courses should be conducted by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Additionally, it is a good idea to ask the facility about their student success rate for passing exams. A high exam success rate is typically a sign of quality training. The facility and classrooms should also be equipped with the proper technology for students to get the most out of their learning experience.

Many companies seek well trained and highly qualified individuals, but the demand for Microsoft Certified Professionals is so high that they are often difficult to find. This employment gap has led many individuals down a successful path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Professionals. It is important to find a Microsoft Certification training provider that offers options that suit the students learning style, schedule, and budget.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tablet Computing - How It Can Work For You

 By Kim B Brown


Given that technology continues to drive people's lives, there will always be new innovations introduced to provide individuals with new ways of gobbling up the media. The future of computing has been raised into a higher level compromising every one's capacity to grab a new unit with new and much more interesting features.

The tablet computing is just one of the several products that have made the world go high tech. It is considered one of the most popular handy devices that carry a lot of functions.

When the concept of tablet PC was brought up, not many totally embraced it. Not until people working in different industries start to make use of it as an effective alternative to laptops and desktops.

Entrepreneurs who travel can always carry with them a tablet PC which they could use for browsing the Internet. With this gadget, they are able to get rid of heavyweight laptops. The tablet PC is completely hassle-free and provides a slag-free browsing and clicking experience on the web.

This specific unit has impacted the future of computing in a very good way. The rise of this kind of device has opened several doors. Opportunities start to flood into every user's hands. The key objective of technology which is making people's lives easier and simpler has been totally achieved with products like this one.

If you are looking for improvement, don't be left out with what's latest in the field of technology. All those innovations are not made to rip off your pockets. Though they cost some money, the functions and how they could benefit us are all worth the investment. Typically, for someone who is in search for better devices which could offer higher quality features, price is just a second factor.

The existence of the tablet pc is a big fuss online. Many people are talking about it, from its benefits to its risks. Several individuals have revealed both disadvantages and advantages trying to educate the world about this certain advancement.

Everyone who is online all the time surely has absorbed as much information needed to better understand how this computing device could really influence how we handle things in life.

The greatest advantage is being seen by professionals in different industries. Try to picture a meeting where 5 to 7 or more marketing officers are discussing and analyzing a particular subject. Instead of printing pictures and documents to see and read, they just access their computing devices and start browsing on files necessary for the meeting.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

iPad 2 Cases - Things To Avoid When Buying One

By Savannah Groeneveld


An iPad 2 case is the best way to protect your overly popular device. Chances are, you exerted a ton of effort to get your hands on the device and now you need to protect it! Preventing your iPad 2 from collecting scratches, dings and a shattered screen will require an iPad 2 case. There are a ton of compatible cases on the market, but you just don't want to throw any iPad 2 case on your precious device. A lot of iPad 2 users make serious mistakes when shopping for an iPad 2 case. Take a look at these mishaps made by consumers to ensure that you don't make the same mistakes.

What Does Your Lifestyle Require?

It's true, everyone lives a different lifestyle. Some people tend to follow a fast paced lifestyle, while others are content with staying close to home the majority of the time. It may not seem important at first, but your iPad 2 protector must meet the needs of your lifestyle. Obviously, a fast paced life will require a more durable iPad 2 case. Traveling on a daily basis with your iPad 2 in tow can make the device very vulnerable. If this is the kind of life you lead, you may want to look at an indestructible case like the Otterbox Defender for iPad 2.

Don't Skimp on Your Device's Life Saver

When you go out to buy a car, don't you take safety into consideration? Of course you do, because anyone would be willing to pay extra for a car that is going to keep them safe. The same goes for your iPad 2 case. Don't try to save $5 by getting an iPad 2 protector of lesser quality. Chances are, this case will lack in protection and you will end up spending far more money to replace your iPad after it has been damaged. The saying, "You get what you pay for" obviously applies to iPad cases.

Refrain From Making a Hasty Decision

The worst thing you can do is buy the first iPad 2 protector you see. This is the best way to regret your purchase. You also don't want to make the mistake of buying the only iPad 2 compatible case that the Apple store has in stock. These cases are often times the cases that nobody else wants. Take your time when buying a case for your iPad 2 and do a little research. You will be able to make a well-educated decision.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Software Development Trends Of 2011

By Alex Hunt


Software developments have continued to advance at a rapid pace. There are more and more new applications, systems and database developments every week but what are the biggest trends going to be during 2011. Where can we expect to see the next evolutionary steps bring made in field of software development.

One area that is sure to continue to improve and gain traction is cloud computing and software as a service systems (SAAS). The development of SAAS and accessible software is likely to be at the forefront of computer planning throughout 2011. The software development market is aware that there is a large consumer base in small and medium sized companies who need access to sophisticated programs and up to date releases. SAAS provides an ideal alternative to off the shelf software packages. These save money, time, hardware costs and provide added security and safety. Remotely run applications that can be accessed over the Internet are becoming more common within business.

Smart phone applications are a massive growth market and one which people just cannot get enough. There continues to be new apps for phones and other mobile devises launched every day into the market, all making people wonder just how they managed to get out of their front doors before. There is an application for just about every aspect of the business world and personal circumstances whether it be travel, finance or business management, programs exist to help you while you are on the move.

Another area the software developers are seeing growth in is the bulk management of database systems and increased levels of security. Safe and efficient database development is essential as much of today's business relies on vast amounts of information about customers, products, stock control and staffing. All this information needs to be stored and manipulated in order for companies to function.

Security is an area of concern for all sectors, whether vulnerability from industrial espionage, malicious software programs or cyber terrorists, custom software development of secure programs that prevent hacking or loss of information are going to continue to grow.

Lastly the social media revolution will continue to expand. Companies are increasingly linking in with social networks so as to liaising with customers and talking directly to their fan base. There is a mounting ground swell for bespoke software development of commercial based, social network applications, games and tools that engage directly with clients.

Alex has a keen interest in software development and likes researching the latest trends. For more information on software developers please take a look at Transition Computings websites, they have a great selection of case studies from XML interfaces to customer portals.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learn How to Troubleshoot Three Common Laptop Problems

 By Den Worwani


There are a hundred ways that you can damage your laptop. You might accidentally drag it to the floor, pull the power cord, or even sit on it. In these situations, it would be highly necessary to find a way to fix it quickly and effectively. Explained in this article are several laptop problems and ways to deal with these to help you do a quick troubleshooting process by yourself. Basically, the first step in troubleshooting computer problems is to diagnose the source of the problem through a trial and error procedure.

One of the most common laptop problems are broken laptop keys. One or a couple keyboard keys get chipped off by and large, especially if you have been typing on your laptop vigorously for several years. You can simply replace the broken key and put it back to its right position. Strong glue can be used to put the broken parts together. Alternatively, just order a new key from online stores such as eBay and Amazon. You can also opt to replace the whole keyboard. Ask help from a friend if you're not certain about how to do it.

Another common laptop problem is a broken hinge. At times, it's not really a difficult problem to fix. You can try removing the tiny plastic covers of the screws holding the hinges and screen in place. Then, use an appropriate screw driver to tighten up the screws. If you can't seem to tighten the screws, you may have to bring your computer to the repair shop so that an expert technician can fix it properly.

If your problem is related to a screen that doesn't show any display, trace the main reason why the screen is blank. Try switching between monitors by pressing the Fn key, then F1 and F12 keys. You will see an image of two monitors. Your computer's settings may have been adjusted to output to an outside monitor. Next, try plugging in another monitor. If your laptop shows display on the other monitor, then your problem is your laptop's defective screen. However, if it still does not work, the video card might be faulty. Be sure that the screen brightness is adjusted to a normal level so that it doesn't appear too dim. If you have tried this but the brightness still does not increase, there might be something wrong with the back light so you'll have to replace it. In this case, it's important to hire a computer specialist to avoid damaging your laptop further.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The HTC Flyer Offers Neat Styling And Great Functionality

 By Emma Rosher


It seemed only natural that a manufacturer that had established such great success with its mobile phone handsets would eventually release a tablet device and this is exactly what HTC have done. The tablet market is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the home technology sector and figures are expected to increase to 70 million worldwide sales this year in comparison to the 18 million units sold in 2010. Part of the reason behind this boom is the combination of new operating platforms such as Androids Honeycomb system together with manufacturers other than Apple and Samsung releasing devices. Perhaps the one unit that phone fans everywhere have been waiting for is the HTC Flyer which continues the manufacturers trend of producing units that are not only high quality but also incredibly user friendly.

Straight away when you first look at the HTC Flyer it is obvious that HTC have got the styling of the tablet exactly right. In a bid to makes the Flyer different from the various other tablets currently available the only black element you will spot is the very thin frame that surrounds the screen, the rest of the body is made up of white a silver parts that give it a very modern look. The idea to frame the screen with black may seem strange but it actually serves a practical purpose of not detracting from what you see on the display. Part of the appeal of the Flyer is its size which is perfectly positioned between the largest smartphones and some of the larger screen tablets that are available. Many commentators have stated that in order for this format to be truly portable the unit needs to be sized more like a book than a magazine. This is something HTC have taken on board with the 7 inch display which still offers ample size but also that extra element of portability over the likes of the Motorola Xoom.

The HTC Flyer comes supplied with a leather case which is a nice touch that many of its competitors could take note of. The case has a slot inside to hold the stylus that comes supplied with the device, or the pen as HTC prefer to label it. This pen offers an alternative to using your fingers on the screen. Not only does it offer more precise navigation but also keeps your screen looking in top condition thanks to the lack of fingerprints. An unusual element that the pen offers is the ability to write anything on the screen at anytime, regardless of what application you are currently using. So whether you are viewing your Facebook page or playing a game you can quickly scribble down a note without affecting whats actually going on it the background. Obviously you will find yourself using your fingers most of the time which is also incredibly responsive with the screens support of multi touch enabling a great user experience.

The HTC Flyer is perfectly positioned to take the tablet market by storm. The Android OS is a huge attraction as is the pen which offers a nice alternative not found on other devices. The size of the tablet is also great offering the perfect balance between mobile phone and laptop.

The HTC Flyer and the HTC Evo 3D are coming soon.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why Does My Internet Keep Crashing - How to Troubleshoot This Problem and Fix It

 By David S Marshall


If you find your internet connection keeps crashing on you all the time and closing for no obvious reason at all it can be very frustrating, especially when you have to keep opening your browser every few minutes. If this keeps happening it can also lead to system errors as files start to corrupt and lead to windows running slow as well and crashing if this is not fixed.
If you find your browser keeps crashing here are the steps you need to take to fix this yourself.
#1 Look at your internet connection. If there is a problem with your line you may find your browser stops responding and even appears to freeze The first thing you should do before you start looking at your computer for the answer is to disconnect your router for a few minutes and then reconnect it. It may be the router or you're your line that Is the problem.
#2 If the first step does not work and you are connected to the internet via a LAN connection disconnect the lan cable from your computer. Occasionally garbage information can cause your network connection to stop responding. Disconnect the lan cable from your PC and then reconnect it.
#3 Try a different browser. If internet explorer is crashing try firefox. If another browser works uninstall the browser that is crashing and then reinstall it or upgrade it to resolve this issue. If you are using internet explorer and that is crashing try updating it with windows update which you can find on the windows start menu.
#4 Scan your computer for viruses and malware. Even with antivirus software installed on your computer it is still possible for it to get infected with malicious software that will cause your internet connection to crash. Instead of running quick system scan run a deep or full scan on your system. This will find malicious software that buries itself deep inside your computer so a quick antivirus scan will not find it.
#5 Empty your temporary internet files and cache. It is possible that some temporary files are infected with malware or corrupt and are causing your browser and your internet connection to crash. Go to the windows start menu and then to accessories, then system tools and then run disk cleanup. Select all the default options and run it.
#6 If your computer still runs slow then there may be malware or registry corruption on your PC. Tarrying to find this manually is an impossible task unless you get lucky. The easiest way to check for this is to run a system and registry scanner. If your computer is infected with hidden malware or has corrupt registry entries then running a scan will help fix it. All you need to do is to download a system scanner and run a full scan. This will help you to find any errors and stop your internet connection crashing on you.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

How To Get Windows 7 Running Like New Again

By Haley Wilson


Windows 7 running slowly is no big surprise for many seasoned Windows users. The problem of a slow computer is an issue that can be caused by a number of potential issues on your PC. The good news is that you can fix this problem very easily IF you know what's causing it. This is the downfall that most people have - they don't understand how Windows works, and consequently don't know how to fix the slow speed issues that will be plaguing it. Want some good news? You CAN speed up your PC very easily if you know what the problems are that will be likely causing it to slow down, and I'm going to show you exactly how to do this with this tutorial.

The way to make Windows 7 run faster is to fix the problems that are leading it to slow down. There are 2 main problems that will be leading your system to run slower, including having too many programs running, and having "registry errors" inside your system. I'll explain about the registry in a second, but having too many programs running at once can be EASILY resolved by just closing them down with the "Task Manager". All you need to do is to click onto "CTRL" + "ALT" + "DEL" and then select "Processes". In the list which appears, select the programs that are taking up too much memory, and select "End Process". This will remove all the parts of the program which will prevent your computer from being able to run smoothly.

The biggest cause of Windows 7 slow speeds will be the "registry" of your system. This is a database which stores important files & settings for your computer, and is where the likes of your desktop wallpaper, and most recent emails are stored. This part of your PC is one of the most important parts of ANY Windows system, and is continually being used to help make sure that Windows 7 can open the likes of your desktop wallpaper, latest emails or even your passwords. Although it's continually being used to help make sure that your system is able to run as smoothly as possible, it's continually the case that it will often become damaged or corrupted, preventing your system from being able to operate correctly.

We've found that the best way to make Windows 7 run faster is to actually deploy a specific program called a "registry cleaner" tool. These are programs which will scan through all the settings of Windows, and will fix the various errors that will prevent your PC from being able to process the vital options that are required to help make sure your computer is able to run smoothly. Our preferred tool is one called "Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0" to fix the various issues that will be preventing your system from being able to run smoothly. You can just download this program, install it and then let it repair the various problems on your computer.

You can make Windows 7 run faster by using the tutorial and tools on our website. You can Click Here to fix the Windows 7 slow speed problems on your system.

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