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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Trends in Software Development


The world is ever changing, and this is especially true when it comes to software development. IT
professionals are expected to take on new challenges as they appear, since being up to date equals to staying productive and profitable in the IT industry. The following new trends in software development are expected to make a mark for the upcoming years.
High performance computing moving to the cloud

There is a reason why cloud computing is going forward and more and more companies choose to move their high performance computing to the cloud. The versatility the private and the public cloud offers for business applications takes this model of software development to the next level. Now, software tools or applications can be developed in the private cloud, in order to show effects and be effectively used in the public cloud.

The most important aspect of cloud computing is that it allows companies to cut costs on hardware and development. With cloud computing, more accurate and efficient prediction models are expected to be developed.

Location based apps
Being mobile has been trendy for years now, but with the integration of GPS functionalities, location becomes even more important. The ability to develop applications with focus on location will be considered of the utmost importance in the near future. Knowing where consumers are in order to provide them with readily available information in regards to their location will help businesses flourish in the following years. Facebook places and Foursquare represent just the tip of the iceberg and a sample of what is to come in terms of location based applications.

Going agile
The old model of developing software tools from bottom to top is no longer as efficient as in the past. Agile methodologies are now preferred, because they allow cutting down any project in chunks called iterations. The old unidirectional communication approach is no longer in place. Teams can now work on the same project and exchange information and recommendations on a regular basis, in order to create a better, more efficient product, with a reduced time cycle.

Mobile: the new battleground
With more and more people acquiring mobile devices for communicating, shopping, sharing and reading reviews, and for many other functionalities, it should come as no surprise that the battleground for software development will move to the mobile market. The focus will be placed on developing software applications for consumers using their mobile devices on a regular basis.

Web 3.0
Web 2.0 has created a revolution in the way the World Wide Web was being used by consumers. Now, the world is ready for Web 3.0 or the Semantic Web as it is also called. It is no longer enough to have access to a large quantity of data. This data has to be linked, made comprehensible, and the new technologies that are going to be developed in the years to come must concentrate on their Web 3.0 component.

IT professionals must respond to the new challenges for software development for the following years, in order stay on top of the game.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Configure an Authoritative Time Server in Windows Server 2008

Author: Richard n Williams


Time synchronisation in modern computer networks is essential, all computers need to know the time as many applications, from sending an email to storing information are reliant on the PC knowing when the event took place.

Microsoft Windows Server from 2000 onwards has a time synchronisation utility built into the operating system called Windows Time (w32time.exe) which can be configured to operate as a network time server.

Windows Server 2008 can easily set the system clock to use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, the World's time standard) by accessing an Internet source (either: or

To achieve this, a user merely has to double click the clock on their desktop and adjust the settings in the Internet Time tab.

It must be noted however, that Microsoft and other operating system manufacturers strongly advise that external timing references should be used as Internet sources can't be authenticated.

To configure the Windows Time service to use an external time source, click Start, Run and type regedit then click OK.

Locate the following subkey:
In the right pane, right-click Type then click Modify, in edit Value type NTP in the Value data box then click OK.

Locate the following subkey:
In the right pane, right-click AnnounceFlags and click Modify. The ‘AnnounceFlags' registry entry indicates whether the server is a trusted time reference, 5 indicates a trusted source so in the Edit DWORD Value box, under Value Data, type 5, then click OK.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is an Internet protocol used for the transfer of accurate time, providing time information along so that a precise time can be obtained
To enable the Network Time Protocol; NTPserver, locate and click:

In the right pane, right-click Enabled, then click Modify.

In the Edit DWord Value box, type 1 under Value data, then click OK.

Now go back and click on
In the right pane, right-click NtpServer, then Modify, in the Edit DWORD Value under Value Data type In the right pane, right-click NtpServer, then Modify, in the Edit DWORD Value under Value Data type the Domain Name System (DNS), each DNS must be unique and you must append 0x1 to the end of each DNS name otherwise changes will not take effect.

Now click Ok.

Locate and click the following
In the right pane, right-click SpecialPollInterval, then click Modify.

In the Edit DWORD Value box, under Value Data, type the number of seconds you want for each poll, ie 900 will poll every 15 minutes, then click OK.
To configure the time correction settings, locate:
In the right pane, right-click MaxPosPhaseCorrection, then Modify, in the Edit DWORD Value box, under Base, click Decimal, under Value Data, type a time in seconds such as 3600 (an hour) then click OK.
Now go back and click:
In the right pane, right-click MaxNegPhaseCorrection, then Modify.

In the Edit DWORD box under base, click Decimal, under value data type the time in seconds you want to poll such as 3600 (polls in one hour)
Exit Registry Editor
Now, to restart windows time service, click Start, Run (or alternatively use the command prompt facility) and type:

net stop w32time && net start w32time
And that's it your time server should be now up and running.
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Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the telecommunications and network time synchronisation industry helping to develop dedicated NTP clocks. Please visit us for more information about NTP or other network time server solutions.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The 7 Reasons WHY a Mobile App Is Effective


Brussels sprouts. I had no use for them. I had never even tried them, nor had I any intention of changing that. Even so, their horrid, green faces would stare up at me from my dinner plate at least once a week in my mother's kitchen. Week after week I resisted.
"Eat them. They're good for you," implored my mother, "and you need them."
Like any nine year old, I retorted, "But why?"
And like any mother, she zinged back with the silver bullet of maternal reasoning.
"Because I said so."

Who was I to argue with that logic?
As we move past the "Brussels sprouts phase" of our lives and into areas that require us to make mature, thoughtful decisions for ourselves, our families, and our businesses, we need more than "Because I said so" to determine our choices.

Consider the mobile app.
Most small business owners have no doubt heard that they should get a mobile app. They have read that it would be good for their businesses. They have been told that they need them.
But why?
Step away from the Brussels sprouts, and you will understand exactly why a mobile app is an effective tool for your business.

• Convenience - A mobile app for your business simplifies the accessing of your business for your customers. It brings your company right to their phone, rather than forcing them to find a computer or drive there in their cars.

• Intimacy - People are simply attached to their phones. It may sound silly, but it's the world in which we live. They take them when they go out and will usually return home hastily if they forget their phones! They have them in their hands while watching TV at night. Some even bring them in the bathroom and to bed! If your app is on their phone, you are essentially with them wherever they go.

• Immediacy - The mobile app eliminates the need to find a computer or hop in the car when customers want to access your company. If they want you, all they have to do is pull out their phones and access your app. Within seconds you are "there" ready to do business.

• Affordability - Mobile phones have become immensely popular, causing them to become far less expensive than they used to be, causing them to become even more immensely popular! Why not take advantage of this? If so many more people have mobile phones, it is foolish to not take your business down this road. And if you think your small business cannot afford a mobile app, think again! An app tailored to fit the needs of a small business is more affordable than you would imagine, and actually can pay for itself (and then some) with the additional revenue it brings in.

• Functionality - On a business app, everything is no more than one or two clicks away. It is a quick, practical way for customers to access your business.

• Multi-purpose - Any small business owner can have a mobile app that is suited to the needs of his or her company and designed to function accordingly.
For example, a small business app can allow people to join lists, sign up for consultations, conduct transactions, schedule appointments, view products, find your business using global positioning technology... the possibilities are sky-high and as varied as the many different types of small businesses in the world.

• The Trend - The trend is your friend... and right now the trend is mobile! To survive in business, the entrepreneur must be able to adapt to the latest trends and adjust marketing accordingly. If you allow mobile technology to enhance your business by developing a mobile app, you will find it to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

When viewed this way, the acquisition of a mobile app by a small business seems more than simply "good for you." It actually shows itself to be essential!
My mother could have saved herself so much aggravation had she explained Brussels sprouts to me this way!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Laptop Buying Guide

Author: Sasha Brown

The world is moving very fast and every person wants their business on their fingertips. The rein of laptops has started and desktops computers have been pushed aside. Laptops are portable, occupy much less space and do the job more efficiently. The use of laptops has significantly increased such as in multi-national companies, offices, schools and even at in homes, this is simply because of the fact that laptops are more reliable than desktop computers. The latest laptops are more innovating than their precedes and consist of more interactive features like the use of touchscreen, rotatable displays and much more. There are varieties of laptops available that can be used for different purposes. Before buying laptop browse through their specification and choose which serves best at your purpose. The following buying guide will provide your assistance in this regard.

Balanced systems:
A normal laptop is equilibrium between a normal desktop computer. It can execute all the essential task that can be performed on a desktop computer. But one reason for using laptop is that it gives you the mobility to take your work anywhere you want. The storage and performance capabilities can also be altered according to your need. They can also perform day to day task like browsing net, real time face chat and much more with wireless connection

Substitute for High Quality Desktop:
There are also high-end laptops available that can serve multiple purposes which include graphic designing, video rendering and true gaming experience. These laptops are use by professionals or gaming enthusiasts. These laptops offer tremendous power and are capable of handling anything. They possess huge storage capacity up to 2TB and up to massive 8 GB memory. They also have dedicated graphic controller and a multi core processing unit which boost up its speed. They also serve as an entertainment unit when relaxing because they are equipped with ultra-sharp wide displays and sound quality deliver by the speaker t is also rich.

Processor: The CPU is responsible for carrying all the calculation in the system. The speed is calculated in gigahertz (Ghz).There are laptops available with multicore CPUs, which basically is the concept of running multiple processors on a single chip.

Hard Drive: It is use for storage purposes; all the data including movies, songs and programs are stored in the hard drive. They come in different types and storage capabilities. Most laptops use conventional rotatory hardware whereas, the latest models use solid state drives (SSD) which consist of no moving parts.

System Memory: Random access memory or (RAM) assists the CPU in running the system smoothly. More RAM will allow you to run several programs without slowing down your system.

Display Screens and Battery: Laptops have mainly two types of screens Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) and Light Emitting Diode(LED).LED is currently the latest technology that produces more sharp resolution . Battery is affected by the size and brightness of the screen. However, nowadays laptops are equipped with large battery that prolongs the battery life.

Optical Drive: Reading data on a DVD is an important constituent of work. Many advance models are also capable of Burning DVDs.

Connectivity Ports:There are different types of connection ports that usually all laptops have;
  • USB: These ports allow external components of computer to attach like flash drive or printer.
  • Video: VGA, DVI and HDMI are all use for connecting external displays to a Laptops like huge Television or monitors. Most laptops contain all or either of them.
  • Fire Wire: The fire wire port comes handy in retrieving video and images from camera or from camcorder. There are also some external hard drives that use fire wire port as they are faster than conventional USB ports.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Mobile Business Apps Are Changing Businesses


Ten years ago it would have been difficult to imagine exactly how mobile apps would make many areas of life easier. The latest smartphones now account for about 80% of the cellphone market and for that reason firms are moving significantly more of their day-to-day activities towards an even greater degree of mobility. Using business applications can have a significantly beneficial result and mobile apps for business have the capacity to change small functions or have an impact on the manner in which an overall organisation operates.

Being able to process data in real-time is just one of many the advantage you can enjoy by using mobile business apps. You save time by not having to wait for information and data to be updated. Apps can immediately collect and process data and you can actually access some data more quickly by using an app. A retail mobile app can immensely improve the productivity of employees - updating inventory can be done really quickly, prices can be checked instantly, and a payment transaction goes through effortlessly.

These features do not just benefit the business; they can also help the company to provide a highly responsive customer service. Business apps mean it is now far easier to take care of clients regardless of where they are. An insurance agent for example would be able to file reports for a claim while still at the scene of the incident and perhaps use GPS to get a tow truck in situ a lot faster than previously possible.

The impact of mobile technology can be seen across several various industries, with businesses pairing the most useful mobile devices with cutting edge technology in mobile apps for business. Augmented reality is a new tool that is certainly making a significant impact across diverse business sectors, and eventually it will change how we do business. Take for example a mechanic could easily take snapshots of a motor and then overlay digital data regarding common issues or motor faults. The fashion industry too is using this approach with great success, with a huge amount of time saved by dressing and applying makeup to clients digitally.

Those who work in the IT industry are witnessing transformations even in traditional roles, and the IT sector is finding these technological upheavals challenging but beneficial. No doubt the ability to gather and send information quickly greatly benefits professionals working in the IT sector, and mobile apps for business and cloud computing make this happen now. Better and faster data helps everyone understand the true impact of mobile business apps and opens up ways to improve their performance. IT team members now have the ability to distribute one-off push messages to specific members of staff and provide tech support from any location.

The beneficial effects of mobile applications are undoubted, and ultimately they are probably going to affect the entire business process in a great many industries. Once an app benefits a business as well as its respective customers its importance and relevance becomes immense. Using the right app can save you money and increase your sales. There's probably nothing you won't like about mobile apps for business.

Increasingly more organisations are recognising the advantages mobile apps could bring to their business. In addition to being a much better way to interact with your clients, they can also provide a much more effective way to control your organisation. If you're searching for an Android app development company, visit this website to get more information.
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Resolve Laptop Overheating Problem?


Your laptop overheats frequently and freezes off. You spend hours letting it cool and then again switch it ON only to find the same problem affecting it again and again. This is one of the most common complaints encountered frequently in our daily lives. In this article, we will have a look at why laptops overheats and what are the steps to resolve the problem.

Why a Laptop Overheats?

In case, you have a laptop which is constantly restarting or rebooting, the problem might be overheating.The signs of an overheating laptop may include but are not limited to rebooting for no reason; loud fan noises and shut down on several occasions. Some people attribute the reason for laptop overheating to failure in the ventilator system of the laptop. However, in the current era, most of the brands are very cautious about their design so this type failure rarely occurs. Another common reason for laptop overheating is the accumulation of dust in the inside area obstructing the flow of ventilation. Technically, laptops also overheat due to their inherent designing particularly because of a lot of miniaturization that occurs. A lot of chips are stuffed inside a cramped space making them products more prone to overheating.

Detecting and Fixing an Overheating Laptop

Here are some simple ways to resolve overheating problems in laptop.

1. Cooling Pads: It is a good habit to place a cooling pad under the laptop when you're using it. While it may not always be possible to carry the cooling pads with you, it is essential that you use it if you are watching a movie for long hours.
2. Clean the Exhaust System: With some caution and care, you can clean the inside area of your exhaust system and ventilators. Once in a few months, you can go to a laptop store and get it cleaned from inside.
3. Avoid Dusty Area: Check the areas where you use your laptop. If dust creeps inside area of laptop, it leads to improper ventilation.
4. Work in a Low Temperature Area: Always work in an area where the temperature is not very high. If you have additional fans or air conditioners you should switch them ON to maintain a decent temperature.
5. Unplug Power System: It is a good advice to unplug your computer frequently from time to time when you are using it. If you don't unplug it, overheating is bound to happen.
6. Avoid Metallic Surface:Always prefer to keep your laptop on wooden surface rather than on metallic surface.

In case, the overheating problems don't go over time, you should consult an expert in this field. A laptop or computer repair shop recommended by the manufacturer or the one that has a good reputation can help you avoid any such problem. In the worst case scenario, if overheating laptop problems aren't going, you should contact the manufacturer. Reputed tech support services can provide you professional services and help you in your problem.

The author of this article has a great experience in many facets of technical issue like laptop repair, laptop overheating problems, computer repair and common technical issues which everybody face in daily routine.
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Types of Computer Hardware

Author: Isabel

Computer hardware is a physical part of a computer that executes within the hardware. It is unlike computer software or data that can be frequently changed, modified or erased on a computer. Computer hardware is not frequently changed and so is stored in hardware devices such as read only memory (ROM) where it is not readily changed.

Most computer hardware is embedded and so is not visible to normal users. Below are the different types of hardware's found in a computer.

Ø Motherboard: It is the central or primary circuit board making up a complex electronic system such as a computer. A motherboard is also known as a main board, logic board or system board.

Ø Central processing Unit: A CPU is the main component of a digital computer that interprets instructions and process data in computer programs.

Ø Random Access Memory: A RAM allows the stored data to be accessed in any order. RAM is considered as the main memory of the computer where the working area is used for displaying and manipulating data.

Ø Basic Input Output System: BIOS prepares the software programs to load, execute and control the computer.

Ø Power Supply: Power Supply supplies electrical energy to an output load or group of loads.

Ø Video Display Controller: It converts the logical representation of visual information into a signal that can be used as input for a display medium.

Ø Computer Bus: It is used to transfer data or power between computer components inside a computer or between computers.

Ø CD-ROM drive: It contains data accessible by a computer

Ø Floppy disk: It is a data storage device

Ø Zip Drive: It is a medium capacity removable disk storage system.

Ø Hard Disk: It is a non-volatile data storage system that stores data on a magnetic surface layered unto hard disk platters.

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Isabella Rodrigues writes for,
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Make a Website

Author: William Robinson


In todays day and age,where computer users are increasing by large numbers monthly,the website has developed as a means of self expression or as a launch point for business pursuits.
There are countless ways of learning how to make a website using such tools as the
WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get)HTML Editor.This is basically a point and click to create program.If you want a website fast,try it.
Good places for these are or your internet service provider.They can provide you with a free website where you can really be creative with there (what you see is what you get editor)

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and was the standard language when the graphical user interface(GUI)was implemented
into the windows operating system.
There are other languages that can be used to make a website,such as Flash,xml,dhtml and a few others.In my opinion,the most flexible language and most easy to learn is html.
A great online source to learn html is html goodies( online tutorials found here are second to none and range from basic to advanced.This is where I learned basic html and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the language.

Lets talk about the basic layout of your first page of your website.
Is this a personal website? Will it be a website showcasing products that you intend to sell?
If this is a personal website,You can start by having all your links on the left side of the page,your text content can be in the middle with images if you like.On the right side of the page can be more links and images.You will need to divide the page into 3 sections to accomplish this.It can be done with table commands or with the divison command.Please go to the html goodies( for futher explanations of these and future terms in this article for the best clarification possible.

Now,lets say you want to make a website for your small business that your starting.For example,your going to be selling computer games.
You will want people to know about your website and this entails submitting your website to the major search engines and directories,such as google,yahoo.msn,altavista and others.
Here is a great list of directories,both paid and free.

It is most advantageous for new online business's to register a domain name.This is important for two reasons. First,with a .com domain,your business will look professional.Secondly,from a search engine prospective,a domain name with a .com suffix is more prudent.
You need to pick a domain name that is the most relevant to your business.For example,your selling computer games and accessories.
How about ? You can do a search for available domain names at
Relevancy is a big factor in how the search engines will rank your site,so keep this in mind when choosing a domain name.

You want your small business website to be informative,to the point,and to keep your viewers interested at all times they are on your website..Nothing turns off a website visitor more than the link to a page they click on(yours)to be slow loading into there web browser.

There are ways to speed up the loading process of a webpage into the web browser.If you have alot of images on your website,you should always denote the height and width of the image in the link.
An Example: after the second quotation mark in the word alt.The opening tag is < This goes right by the letter i in the word image. If I do that in this article,I will receive an error becuase there is no such file,its just an example to show you.
Doing this will make your web pages load very quickly into the site visitors web browser.Have a question about the alt""? Ok,I will explain this to you.Lets say your image is of a computer game.
If you would type inside of the quotes of the alt command:
alt="This is the best computer game" Now,when the page loads and someone puts there mouse over the image,what you typed in the alt command will be displayed as text.You can type whatever you want in the alt command,but if your looking for search engine relevancy,I would type in one of your keywords thats relative to the product that displays as the image.
As mentioned before,for further clarification of images,go to the html goodies site( there image tutorial.

To keep the viewer staying on your website,you need to make sure all your links are operational and not dead links.Meaning,there is a page not found error(404) that displays when someone would click on one of your links from your main page.

Meta tags and Keywords are important so your site can receive the highest possible ranking and relevancy. To learn more about meta tags and keywords,go to html goodies( is another topic all together that I wont go into in detail in this article.

I would just like to say that The WYSIWYG(What you see is what you get)html editors are good for the quick fix website,I dont get the gratification of building a website using that method. I code all my webpages by hand in windows notepad. This will take longer but I do receive more satisfaction designing my webpages this way.

There is a site that I recommend you visit. There are $0.99 video tutorials about website design tips and tricks.There are over 8 hours in video tutorials in all,plus other great memberships and programs.

Thank you all for reading and if you have any questions or seek advice,do not hesitate to comment on this article and I will respond to you providing you leave your email address.

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William Robinson is an accomplished ebay seller,aspiring website designer,part time New York City TaxiDriver and an unlicensed computer technician.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Firefox OS: A New Rival for Android in Mobile Market


The official launch of the Firefox OS by Mozilla is probably set to kick Android in the mobile backend with four manufacturers stating their desire to build phones which run on the Firefox OS. At the MWC, where the Firefox OS was announced next to several other important announcements, the first two phones to run on this new OS were also seen- the Alcatel One Touch Fire and the ZTE Open.

The launch of the new OS
The present ones like Windows Phone, iOS and Android are a closed source and this is where the new Firefox OS is to leave them all behind. Being based on open source, it will be able to interact with HTML-5 based apps in a way like visiting sites via a browser. This implies that the Firefox phones will be just browsers simply put as "open web devices".
The reasons which work in the favor of the Firefox OS

A Browser based operating system
Being a browser based operating system; web applications like Facebook will be readily available without even the need for Mozilla to have an army of programmers to write apps for the new OS.

A wonderful beginning
With huge demand for this OS by a number of carriers like LG electronics, ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei, Geeksphone and most probably Sony, the new OS has surely got a flying start.

"There's web for that"
Although the distribution ecosystem of iOS is strong and the apps of Android are what make it apt in the mobile backend, the Firefox is claiming to counter all that with the slogan that Kovacs had for it "There's web for that".

Too many apps
As far as competing with Android specifically is concerned, apps are the most important part of Android. The Firefox OS is already flaunting a decent little ecosystem of calendar and email apps in addition to Nokia's HERE maps service. The main advantage that Firefox OS has is that it has around 8million HTML developers in comparison to just hundreds of thousands of iOS and Android developers.

Apart from the wide popularity Firefox OS has already gained popularity before launch and the number of features it is gifting to the users, the good news is that Mozilla is targeting the low-to-mid end market which means that this OS will be available to a wide variety of users and not just restricted to a few. Lets just wait and watch

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tablet PCs - Latest Fad in the Geek's Market

Author: Pantel Technologies
The present scenario is fully enchanted by the digitization of almost everything, every single entity present on the earth in some or the other way depends on contraptions. It is hard to imagine the world without gadgets, without mobile, TV, Computers and lately, Tablet PCs They have become an integral & essential part of everybody's life.

Tablet PC is a recent entrant in the gadget market, though invented around five to ten years back but only recently around two years back, it has started being accepted in the market. And within two years, it has become the major fad not just among the geeks but most of population around the globe. In the major run of personal computers, laptops, and netbooks; tablet PCs are the most bewitching gimmick. The latest, new Tablet PCs flooded in the market are enticing due to their various captivating features like portability, connectivity and price.

This handy, sleek and stylish tablet PCs allows the user to freely roam around without any hindrance to the work. The light weight of these new tablet pc(s) allows user to carry them from anywhere to everywhere without a hitch, and the connectivity features Wi-Fi able, available even in the cheapest tablet PCs makes them accepted among the masses. The other features of tablet PCs like touch screen and an array of applications, allow you to sail through the world on internet, entertainment, education and even professional work easily.

Even gaming becomes more interactive, and engaging with a tablet pc. The latest addition of tablet PCs in the market are endowed with sturdier processor with GPU, heavier RAM and more storage, giving an avid gamer, space and speed to enjoy the thrust of a racing game and experience of 3D game. For a housewife, the new tablet PCs in the market store variety of apps from cooking classes to easy to use social media handles to stay connected while at home.

The hands-on approach through touch screen on a Tablet pc provides a more tactile experience than a mouse for drawing and illustrating. The digital content now being available through various AICTE approved vendors is also making its way through Tablet PCs. The portability and affordability of the new tablet PCs with connectivity options like inbuilt USB port and school, college as well as competitive exams content made available on them has made the gadget popular among the education sector as well.

All these features and much more make a tablet PC, a gadget to gorge you with!
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About the Author
Pantel Technologies is the pioneer and innovator in devising latest technology tablets at an affordable price. Find out more on Tablet PC.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Studying for 1Z0-053: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II


1Z0-053: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II is the second of two exams in the track for certification as an Oracle 11G Database Administrator Certified Professional. This test is intended for candidates with the 11G Associate DBA certification who wish to upgrade their credentials. The 1Z0-052 exam for the Associate level is intended to determine whether a candidate is prepared for a junior DBA role under the supervision of a more senior DBA. The 1Z0-053 exam is designed to indicate that a candidate is ready to assume primary responsibility for an Oracle database.

In addition to holding the OCA-level certification and passing 1Z0-053, candidates must also attend an instructor-led training session from either Oracle or from a vendor approved by Oracle in order to be granted the Oracle Certified Professional designation. The training required for this exam is often quite expensive. However, the number of companies using Oracle for enterprise-class databases means that skilled Oracle database administrators are always in demand. Studying for this exam and taking the training can both assist in getting the skills and knowledge you need for such a position.

The Oracle Education website should always be where you begin the process of pursuing any Oracle certification. For each exam, there is a list available that contains every topic that will be covered. You need to use this list to guide your studying. There are thousands of things a good DBA needs to know, the ones on that list are what you need to concentrate on in order to pass the exam. You will never see a question on an exam about something that is not present there. The Administration II exam will have eighty multiple-choice or multiple-answer questions and you will have 105 minutes to complete it. The passing score is sixty-six percent. There is no partial credit for the multiple-answer questions - they are either right or wrong. If you leave any questions blank, they count as a missed question. Answer every question, even if that means taking a wild guess, because otherwise the question is certain to be marked as incorrect.

The 1Z0-053 exam is heavily weighted towards questions on backup and recovery. Most, but not all of the backup and recovery topics involve the Oracle RMAN utility. You need to be very knowledgeable on this subject to have a reasonable chance of passing. Automatic Storage Management also receives significant coverage on the exam. That said, all of the information covered by this exam is important for an Oracle database administrator. You should study this material not so much with the intent of 'passing a test', but with the understanding that you will need it in the future in order to do your job. Passing a test is nice. Not getting fired because you just lost all of the data in your employer's database is much nicer.

The Oracle manuals are an excellent reference when you are studying for this test. The Oracle documentation is very good and you can download every single one free of charge. In particular, as a prospective DBA, if you have not read the Oracle Database Concepts manual yet, I highly recommend that you do so from cover to cover. This is a very readable book and contains an enormous amount of information that you really need to understand as an Oracle database administrator. The following titles from the Oracle documentation website provide the majority of the information you will need:
  • Administrator's Guide
  • Automatic Storage Management Administrator's Guide
  • Backup and Recovery Reference
  • Backup and Recovery User's Guide
  • PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference
  • Reference
1Z0-053 is an OCP-level test. Certification tests at the Oracle Certified Professional level are designed to cover a moderate range of topics to a more significant depth than an equivalent OCA-level exam. This exam concentrates on fewer areas than was covered by 1Z0-052, but requires a deeper understanding of the ones it does cover. You will need to be comfortable with all of the topics listed (and especially with backup and recovery) before you schedule your exam. Good luck on the test.

Matthew is an experienced DBA and developer. He holds Oracle DBA Certifications for releases 7, 8i, 9i, 10G and 11G; Oracle Expert Certifications for SQL and Application Express; and is an Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional. He is the author of several Oracle certification guides including one for 1Z0-053. His Web site,, is dedicated to providing links to resources for Oracle certification preparation.
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Try Simple Fixes Before Getting Computer Tech Support


Have you recently gotten the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death?" You may not need to get computer tech support. Try some simple fixes first before looking for professional help. Even if they don't fix the problem, you can gain some valuable information that will help speed up the process of fixing your computer when you do get computer tech support.

When you do get the blue screen, write down the error message that tells you what the problem is. These messages can be cryptic and confusing, but it may prove helpful for diagnosing the problem. Just as important, you will want to make sure the next time you get the blue screen that it is because of the same problem.

With most problems with a computer, you should try restarting it. The problem may have happened on start-up. Restarting the computer could fix the error. If the blue screen does reappear, make sure it is the same error message you had received before.

Once the computer has gone through the start-up process, see if you can reproduce the blue screen. Try to remember exactly what you were doing when the blue screen popped up. Go into the same software you were working on. If you get the blue screen every time you work in a certain software, especially one that you recently installed or updated, it's a good bet the problem is in the software.
If it is a software problem, try running the software on a different computer. If you still get the blue screen, then the problem is in the software. If not, then the problem is compatibility between the software and the original computer.

Try uninstalling the software to get rid of the blue screen problem. Most software comes with an uninstall program, or you can go into the uninstall program on a Windows computer in the Control Panel.

If you are unable to uninstall the software, you may try using a System Restore on a computer with Windows XP or newer. This also can be done through the Control Panel. This will erase anything done to the computer after the date of the System Restore.

If it does not appear to be a software problem, you may try investigating the error message you keep receiving. Paste the message into a search engine and see what results pop up. If other people have received this error message, they may have figured out the problem and posted this problem, and possibly a solution, online.

If you're still stuck, you might check to see if you have a virus or some other type of malware. Run an antivirus program on your computer and fix any problems that are found, if possible.
The problem could even be a hardware issue. Check air vents to see if fans are running properly and that vents are clear of dust and debris. If you feel confident about it, you could even shut down the computer, open up the case, and turn on the computer to see if all the fans are running.

If your problem persists, it would be a good idea to contact a trusted computer tech support company. Fortunately, you'll be armed with information to help the tech diagnose your problem.
mchelper Computer Tech Support offers remote repair, recovery and data restoration as well as full service computer repair, maintenance and technical support. Visit mchelper Computer Tech Support for more information.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is Apple Losing Its Dominance?


With the Samsung Galaxy SIII winning the smartphone of the year award, now is a perfect time to raise the question as to whether Apple is finally going to lose the dominance it has held in the mobile industry for years.

This question was first raised after the release of the iPad mini, saying that Apple was giving in to the competition. I am currently writing this article on said device and I'm adamant that it's one of the best products the company has produced. Despite this, I can't deny that the release of the iPad mini is somewhat 'un-apple like' and really goes to show how competition from Samsung and other mobile companies may finally be considered a threat to the almighty Apple.
So the short answer to the above question is yes, I think Apple is starting to lose it's dominance in this fiercely competitive market, but I think I can do a little better than just leaving it there, so now let's move onto why this has happened.

I think the main cause of this problem is that Apple have been desperately clinging on to the brand loyalty of consumers and in turn failing to create some sort of sustainable demand for the products. After all, each new iPhone is only marginally better than the one before, and people are starting to get a bit annoyed about it.

There has also been a rise in the purchasing of older generation iPhones, due to the reason mentioned above. If the performance of the iPhone 5 is only a bit better than the 4, many people will buy a second hand iPhone 4 instead. You would think this could benefit apple as more people are using iPhones, but the problem is that sales of the newest generation device will be challenged by competitors.

This scenario directly relates to me. I have an iPhone 3GS. It was £90 and is basically as fast as the iPhone 4 and much better value for money, see my point?
The second reason that Apple may be starting to go downhill is design. The IOS software is very nice, but it's fundamentally very similar to the original version we were introduced to back in 2007. I'm not saying the software isn't brilliantly designed, but when it comes to a mobile interface, consumers want to see change. We want to feel like we have the latest bit of technology at our fingertips, and Apple just aren't delivering.

The final and most important reason is that whilst Apple have kept the same design, their competitors have been doing the exact opposite. We've seen an almost constant stream of Android updates, as well as voice recognition that can easily compete with Siri, and not to mention a maps application that actually works.

Just before I end this article I think it's necessary to mention what will likely happen now the Apple bubble is bursting.
If Apple have any sense (which I'm sure they do), we'll see a fall in prices for their devices and hopefully some genuine changes to iOS. Hopefully Apple start to realise that they actually have to put some effort into developing their products, and the benefit of them doing so will benefit us consumers.

We will have to wait and see, although knowing the frequency of Apple products release, we won't be waiting long.
Enjoyed what you read? There's still loads more available at
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Set Strong Picture Passwords on Windows 8?


Windows 8 has arrived and it is fast making a significant impact on mobile technology too. The best thing about this OS is that it is highly intuitive and responsive. Setting picture password enables in logging into your device by using a picture instead of creating a password that is a mix of alphabets and numerical.

Setting customized gestures helps you in creating a perfect picture password for your device. Other things involve creating gestures that can be drawn on picture of people that you have included in your picture password. The uniqueness of each password and the way you have made settings is different from another user. However, even after this there is doubt about the security of your device. The only solution seems is to set strong picture passwords on your device enabled with Windows 8.

Why Gestures are better than traditional passwords?
Microsoft has incorporated the feature of picture passwords that define the way we protect our mobile devices. It is designed to serve the section of society that is more into mobile computing. Think about it, it is almost impossible to enter a password with 16-18 characters on a virtual keyboard. Not only it is time consuming but might also result in errors that will ultimately lead to device getting locked.
Drawing a complex series of gestures on the screen of your device is preferably better than entering a password. This is relatively easier than the traditional password that you need to remember. It is argued that picture passwords are good at securing your device. The reason behind its security is that it is not possible to crack it or guess it. Additionally, gestures are easy and faster for unlocking a device. Also when it comes to cracking a traditional password the software is readily available for hacking your device but in this case it is not possible. Windows 9 sure has made it possible to secure your device.

How to create a strong picture password
Windows 8 has made it easy to create a picture-enabled password. Initially you need to remember to keep a picture handy on your device that you can use for setting or creating a password. Additionally you also need your traditional password settings for a backup in case your picture password fails you can fall back upon it.

Apply the following steps for creating it:

• Search for the wizard for picture password by pressing Win+W keys to enable search functionality
• Go to Results and then under Settings locate the Change to create picture password
• As soon as you launch the wizard you will see numerous settings
• Remember to also create your text password and then continue
• Now enter your text password, then after authentication you will be guided to animations page
• You will be able to choose gestures that you can assign to the chosen picture
• For better security choose a combination that includes three taps and multiple gestures
• Choose the button against Choose picture and browse for the image
• After selecting the image reposition it on the screen accordingly
• Drag the picture to the location and choose Use this picture option

Now whenever you log in you will see the image on your home screen. Use the gestures that you had defined earlier for unlocking your device.

Tips for maximizing security on your mobile device:

• Use the combination of lines and circles instead of taps as these gestures are not easy to guess
• Also remember to choose a start point and end point separately or choose complex gestures that will confuse another
• Never set a password that is easy to predict like tracing a picture with gestures this also includes, drawing landmarks and encircling faces in a picture
• It is advisable to choose a series of gestures that cannot be guessed or copied by another

For switching back to text input tab the button against the option. Additionally, you need to be aware that picture passwords can be used in network settings approved by Windows 8 policy (group policy editor). This is essential as you need to remember in case you bring your device to work.

She is a Technology writer who is keen on any new emerging technology updates. She is working with Qresolve as a Technical Support Engineer. Semeli Karen McPherson has been offering online tech support to global customers for issues related to laptops, desktops, Mac and devices including iPods, tablets, iPhones, computer support and more. She caters to the segment of core technology and provides viable solutions to any issues related to technology and software. Her expertise and skills in handling key technology issues is immaculate and quick result bearing. Through her articles and postings she aims to provide knowledge and solutions to common technology issues that a user faces.
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Monday, March 4, 2013

How to use Power Task Menu in Windows 8?

 Author: Matthew Ferrall


Microsoft has recently introduced Windows 8 OS in the market with features like Metro style interface, Hybrid boot, Windows to Go etc. Windows 8 employs Metro style user interface so most of the people are not able to adopt the changes and are not able to make changes in their computer software and hardware settings. In this article I will make you aware about how you can access some of the commonly used tasks by accessing Power menu.

Steps for accessing the hidden common tasks by using Power menu on Windows 8 interface are:

  1. Go to the Start screen of your Windows 8 Computer, drag your mouse pointer to the lower left corner of the screen.

  2. Then move your mouse cursor to the lower left corner then Windows 8 shows preview thumbnail of last application used by the user.

  3. When the preview of last used application appears then make a right click on that thumbnail then a menu will appear on the screen which contains options to  access the most commonly used tasks via power menu.

List of options available in the Power menu:

  • Programs and Features: This option will facilitates you  to  install or uninstall the program from your computer system in an easy way.

  • Power Options: This option will allow you to change the power schemes available on your computer. You can switch between Balanced mode and power Saver mode.  Always Balanced mode is preferred as it provides user with better performance and   minimum energy consumption.

  • Event Viewer: Event Viewer contains a  list of the event logs generated for every action done by user. It also contains error logs, warnings and information generated by user.

  • System: This option will present the the basic information about your computer on a distinct screen, which contains  information about your computer and its operating system. It also contains hyperlinks to launch Device manager, remote settings and system protection of your PC.    

  • Disk Management: This option allow you to make changes in the hard drive partitions of your computer. You can create new partition, delete existing partition as well as modify/resize them.

  • Computer Management: This option will allow you to access the various administrative screen form where you can tweak user accounts privileges, manage hard drive partitions and view event logs of your computer.

  • Command Prompt: This option will provide access to the CLI(Command Line Interface)/Command prompt of your computer from where you can make desired changes.

  • Task Manager: This option will enable you to view the current processes running on your PC, Current memory usage, Current status of CPU usage, Performance of your computer, networking information and Users information.

  • Control Panel: This option will allow you to modify the User accounts, external hardware/Peripheral properties, Add/Remove programs, manage Power Management schemes etc.

  • File Explorer: This option will let you to manage concerned file on your computer/Laptop.

  • Search: This option enables you to search docs, music file, Video files, images on your computer.

  • Desktop: This option will bring your computer desktop.

Thus by following the above mentioned steps you can easily tweak your computer settings. If you have any problem regarding the procedure then you can contact 1-855-352-1816. You can also use computer maintenance tools for enhancing the speed and performance of your Windows 8 OS of your computer setup.

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Matthew Ferrall received the Master degree in software engineering in 2006 and currently serving as a software engineer at Impcsupport. Heprovides informative articles on Online PC Support, windows maintenance tools, windows support, computer maintenance tools and software's.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Advantages of Cisco Certifications


In every degree or course that we are taking, acquiring a certification is like holding a precious stone that needs to be treasured. A certification can prove anyone has capabilities and deserves what he has taken since these are earned mostly from authority organizations and professional communities. It is a designation earned by an individual assuring that he or she qualifies to perform a specific job or task. The same way happens if someone is working towards a Cisco certification. A very intelligent networking engineer could not be considered proficient unless he pursued this type of certificate. Leveraging one's career when it comes to IT and networking, calls for this very important treasure and then became one of the most influential.

Obtaining certifications from Cisco has never been easy. As a result, there are only few IT professionals who were able to acquire it and became Cisco certified professionals. But these certified networking specialists are now gaining the benefits of their endeavors. Those who are mastering the company's technology are now earning more than others with the same work but without certificate. The editors from the famous online journal, the, revealed on their yearly reports that these certified people are ranking on top three highest-paid slots.
There are four levels of Cisco certifications and each of it has its corresponding range of salary. The separate fields of specialty called "tracks" are Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider, Wireless, Storage Networking, and Voice.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE). This is the most sought-after certification among IT experts. CCIE networking technicians are landing jobs such as network administrators and lead engineers. Workers in this level are earning an annual salary ranging from $94,000 to $111,000 up to $120,000. They also have exclusive access to certain forums where they can exchange information and continue their study.This is the highest-paying certificate holder of Cisco certification. There are no such special training courses or prerequisites upon achieving CCIE validation. With some book study and spending hundreds of hours in laboratory through some rack rentals service is enough in gearing up for the CCIE. To acquire this role, applicants must pass a written Routing and Switching exam as a prerequisite for the Routing and Switching Laboratory Examination.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) helps professional to qualify as network technicians and supporting engineers with yearly income of approximately $80,000.This verifies a person's ability on installing, configuring, operating, and trouble-shooting networks. CCENT is a help in achieving this role.

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) in this category has earnings of more or less $95,000 with a role of network security engineers and designers.

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) verifies the role on trouble shooting, installing, and manipulating smaller network branches. This covers the basic knowledge on WAN supporting the knowledge of CCNA in operating medium-sized network branches.

Having these roles from the system of Cisco is an ongoing advertisement of the career of a certified network expert. That is why it is a need for every candidate to undergo extensive study and training by choosing skillful instructors and access to rack rentals services which employ exactly the hardware specifications Cisco is using. Even how hard it is to obtain these highly valuable certificates, determination is the key to success and all of the expenses worth it.

Vivian is an avid writer and blooger in the feild of IT industry. Shes currently employed as a network engineer based in US. She loves sharing Ideas and experiences on CCIE training, CCIE service provider, CCIE routing and switching and rack rentals.
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Friday, March 1, 2013

5 Keys to A Successful Server Migration


When assigned with the task of managing a new server implementation or multiple server migrations, there are many important things that you need to take into consideration. I have been a part of flawless migrations and I have seen every aspect of a migration go completely wrong. What determines the outcome of your migration is often non-technical. As IT professionals, we all know the technology, we know the products and we know all of the processes necessary for leading a successful migration; but things still go wrong.
More often than not, the problems didn't arise from the technological standpoints of the migration or implementation itself, it came from a lack of planning, a lack of preparation and a lack of focus. There are a lot of demands in the IT field. Users need to be able to work; and to be able to work they need their computers to work. If the computer systems in your office don't work, you are the first to hear about it, and generally, people aren't nice. The pressure placed on an IT team can at times be overwhelming and flustering, but you can't let it get to you.
In this article, I would like to share the 5 keys that I believe are most important to a successful implementation or migration project.

Key 1: Planning
You should always go into any server migration project with a thorough, well thought out plan. This should include step by step processes and procedures for every phase of your project. You should estimate and plan out the time of every step and make sure that the whole process is well documented. Your IT team should review and discuss the plan, and all members of the team should be on the same page. Remember, your goal is to have a successful migration with minimal downtime. A plan will keep your team in check and on the right path.

Key 2: Backup
Part of your thorough plan should always include backups. Everything that is in your network that could potentially be phased should be backed up. Never, and I repeat, never go into a project or server migration without being 100% certain that you have a backup of all systems included in the migration. In the event that something goes terribly wrong with your project; you'll want to have the peace of mind that you have backups of all of your relevant systems.

Key 3: Failover
Failover kind of goes hand in hand with the backup, but to a higher degree. You should always have a failover plan in place when working with server migrations. We all know it should work, but it doesn't always work perfectly the first time. Make sure that if things start to go wrong with your migration that you can easily failover to other solutions, or quickly be able to undo any changes that have been made. You may be approaching a deadline or other staff members may be close to coming into work, so be sure that you have yourself protected. Always ask yourself, "What am I going to do if things do not work right after this migration?"

Key 4: Focus
Key 4 is a very important key in having a successful migration or implementation. You will have deadline, demands, and maybe even a couple of speed bumps along the way. Keep your cool, stay relaxed and keep focused. Many issues are often caused by the small things, such as a missed step or rushed techniques. If you developed a well written and well thought out plan for your project, you should be able to stick to that plan in a focused matter. When the going gets tough, keep your head up and never lose focus.

Key 5: Documentation
Documenting your procedures and processes should be something that you are doing from the beginning of the planning phases all the way through completion of your project. The more documentation you have on a particular project, server roll out, or network implementation, the easier it is going to be for you to manage not only the project, but also the infrastructure that you are building. Make sure that any member of your team can assist with troubleshooting any future issues that may arise by having thorough documentation. Well written documentation equals well managed networks and systems.
In my 15+ years of being a professional in this field, I have found that it is easy to make mistakes and even easier to lose focus. Having a well-rounded team, with a well thought out plan will help you and your team to keep your eyes on the prize. Do not take these projects lightly or they will come back to haunt you. Remembering these 5 keys will give you better results at the end of any project or server migration.
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