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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Set Strong Picture Passwords on Windows 8?


Windows 8 has arrived and it is fast making a significant impact on mobile technology too. The best thing about this OS is that it is highly intuitive and responsive. Setting picture password enables in logging into your device by using a picture instead of creating a password that is a mix of alphabets and numerical.

Setting customized gestures helps you in creating a perfect picture password for your device. Other things involve creating gestures that can be drawn on picture of people that you have included in your picture password. The uniqueness of each password and the way you have made settings is different from another user. However, even after this there is doubt about the security of your device. The only solution seems is to set strong picture passwords on your device enabled with Windows 8.

Why Gestures are better than traditional passwords?
Microsoft has incorporated the feature of picture passwords that define the way we protect our mobile devices. It is designed to serve the section of society that is more into mobile computing. Think about it, it is almost impossible to enter a password with 16-18 characters on a virtual keyboard. Not only it is time consuming but might also result in errors that will ultimately lead to device getting locked.
Drawing a complex series of gestures on the screen of your device is preferably better than entering a password. This is relatively easier than the traditional password that you need to remember. It is argued that picture passwords are good at securing your device. The reason behind its security is that it is not possible to crack it or guess it. Additionally, gestures are easy and faster for unlocking a device. Also when it comes to cracking a traditional password the software is readily available for hacking your device but in this case it is not possible. Windows 9 sure has made it possible to secure your device.

How to create a strong picture password
Windows 8 has made it easy to create a picture-enabled password. Initially you need to remember to keep a picture handy on your device that you can use for setting or creating a password. Additionally you also need your traditional password settings for a backup in case your picture password fails you can fall back upon it.

Apply the following steps for creating it:

• Search for the wizard for picture password by pressing Win+W keys to enable search functionality
• Go to Results and then under Settings locate the Change to create picture password
• As soon as you launch the wizard you will see numerous settings
• Remember to also create your text password and then continue
• Now enter your text password, then after authentication you will be guided to animations page
• You will be able to choose gestures that you can assign to the chosen picture
• For better security choose a combination that includes three taps and multiple gestures
• Choose the button against Choose picture and browse for the image
• After selecting the image reposition it on the screen accordingly
• Drag the picture to the location and choose Use this picture option

Now whenever you log in you will see the image on your home screen. Use the gestures that you had defined earlier for unlocking your device.

Tips for maximizing security on your mobile device:

• Use the combination of lines and circles instead of taps as these gestures are not easy to guess
• Also remember to choose a start point and end point separately or choose complex gestures that will confuse another
• Never set a password that is easy to predict like tracing a picture with gestures this also includes, drawing landmarks and encircling faces in a picture
• It is advisable to choose a series of gestures that cannot be guessed or copied by another

For switching back to text input tab the button against the option. Additionally, you need to be aware that picture passwords can be used in network settings approved by Windows 8 policy (group policy editor). This is essential as you need to remember in case you bring your device to work.

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