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Friday, March 6, 2009

Protect Yourself With the Use of the Wireless Spy Cameras

By: Camila Machuca

Today we are aware of the superiority of present tools which are intended to give us full assistance whenever and however we use them. Even we cannot deny the fact about the rising crimes all over the world and the administration and the other higher authorities are constantly worried to find the way out to the solutions to all the rising problems. They wanted ways where they could give complete security to the citizens and then they found out revolutionary ways where they could give security to the citizens and protect them from the entire crimes which often take place in all the parts of the world. Yes, they recognized and got familiar with the beneficial hidden cameras, the spy cameras, the nanny cameras, the CCTV cameras, the CMOS cameras, the CCD cameras and several other cameras which can be used for supervision dealings in all the fields of work. Earlier the hidden cameras were used only by the administration in some of the important places where people would likely gather at large, like the airports, the railways stations, the taxi stands, the auditoriums, the universities and so on. But these days almost every individual is opting to buy these hidden or the spy cameras so that they can protect their belongings by themselves and even secure themselves always.

I would personally like to share my distressing experience and how thereafter I regularly carry a Wireless Spy Camera along with me always. I still remember the dreadful date (October 2, 2007) when I completed my work around 10p.m. something not too late by today’s’ standards of life. I thought I’d meet my friend for dinner before heading home. The city had been home for me since a past few years and I didn’t even think to sitting in the edge of a cab enjoying the view of the glittering city with the glass of the cab open least knowing that there was a accident awaiting for me at a traffic signal as soon as the driver pulled light near the signal. Suddenly, there was a blur as a man in white shirt approached. Before I could realize what was happening, he attacked me with a razor-sharp object and slit open my wrist. When I looked down, even my shirt bore a cut near the shoulder. I was shocked. The cab driver pulled up the speed and took me to my friend who was waiting for me just five minutes away from the spot. The wound required four stitches. The next day, I went to the police station to register a complaint. They asked me to draw a rough sketch of the culprit but the incident had occurred so quickly that I could not recollect his face. After this another routine interrogation followed but they could do little without sufficient details about the culprits. It was then I realized that I should thereafter always carry a Wireless Spy Camera along with me so that in future if God forbids I would have to face the same incident then I would easily capture the image of the culprit. This spy camera was the ultimate solution to all my problems.

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Hidden Spy Cams - Best Home Security Systems Are Available in the Market Easily

By: Marie Mardeko

It has become very important for us to keep an eye on our growing children because many of us unwillingly but are not able to give our children the time and attention they need from us at the age when they tend to go out of the way. When our children know that both the parents are gone out for work and they will return home at their own time, then they feel like alone in the house and then may do what they should not. Today when there is no trend of the joint families and all are comfortable having nuclear families, then the children of such families can go out of the way and they may fall victims into wrong habits or even they may get addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some children may do all they want in front of their parents whereas some children may do it in the absence of their parents. So it has become very important to keep an eye on our children especially when both the parents have to move out of the house for a better earning. Now many may wonder to how to get rid of all these problems? How can one keep an eye on the children when they know that they don’t even have time to look after them? How all this is possible? Well, a simple answer to all these questions is that we get the hidden cameras, the spy cameras or the nanny cameras installed in our house so that we can catch our children evidently doing all this and then after that either we take a stern action against them or guide them with lending a few good guidelines for what is right and what is wrong for their age.

Both of us have to work till the odd hours and we were constantly worried about the changed behavior of our daughter who is 18 years old. She was mature enough to take care of her self so we did not feel to keep the nanny now for her comforts and even she was insisting that she is big enough to take of her self. For first few months she was normal, but then gradually we started noticing her changed behavior and we wanted to know the exact reason behind it. We decided that we will get a Motion detector spy camera and capture all her actions in that. This fabulous camera has the skill to capture and relay apparent and colored video via the receiver to any of the screen or the Television set. This Motion detector camera can be easily sited wherever we like to thus giving us clear and evident pictures so that we could catch the main reason behind the changed behavior of our daughter. This is an inclusive gear with all the necessary equipments along with like the cameras, the receiver with cable and a set of 9 volt battery clips. This is indeed the best camera which I like the most which could help me giving a pure security to my home as well as my daughter. As soon as everything was set up we noticed that the main culprits were her friends who were constantly insisting her to take drugs whereas our daughter was repeatedly refusing them to do so. All the events were getting captured and then we came to know the exact reason of our daughter’s behavior and then we convinced her that she had taken the right decision while not listening to her friends.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Effects of Information Technology on Life

By Brenda Williams

With the existing new technologies and innovations emerging every other day, the information technology is an increasingly interesting platform not just for developers, but also for all sorts of non-technical common people.

With the need for making things easier in the daily life and with the technological advancements, more and more daily activities are shifting online. Having said this, the web can be a very useful tool as well as an intimidating proposition at the same time.

Computer based technology and information systems are actually quite large and vast spread in their utility, have broader spectrum and details. For instance when anyone uses the web for browsing, sending or receiving e-mails, playing online games or even sharing multimedia files with others, all the data has to pass through a set of complicated networks and soft-wares. There are many processes involved that are responsible for management of such systems.

The prime concern of computer related technology is to provide effective and efficient environment, utility of information, softwares and even knowledge and solutions to the common man in a user-friendly manner.

Even the vast majority of people who are still unfamiliar with the technology of computers and the internet, surely find it handy in providing a great means of communication to the whole wide world.

Internet plays a role of a large knowledge base and a crucial place for the latest news, trends and information. Internet even is a big boon to the business or research persons.

Computer related technologies have a strong impact on the world. These have attracted many students and professionals to the field of information technology. There are thousands of web sites and web hosting opportunities available which are ever growing.

There was some problem in the information superhighway of computer technology in the early 90's because it was not envisioned at that time that the general public would be turning to it in such large numbers. It was supposed to be a walkway reserved for bespectacled physicists and university professionals. With the introduction of the World Wide Web which we know today as 'www' was once considered as a medium for sharing text files has gone a major facelift in a period of a decade or so. With the web browsers designed to quickly find and organize information, the internet seeped deeper into popular culture and has become an integral part of daily life and even office work.

The unique fusion of the user interface, animations, video and radio streaming are the ever developing capabilities and advancements of the browsers that have the developers intrigued and working tirelessly.

There are many researches already claiming that the effect of the computer technology, more specifically the online footprint on an internet user's life is at an average more than that is due to watching TV. What television is renowned for is its multimedia content. The internet with its rich applications and focused capacity of gaining more popular viewer ship is moving in the right direction.

Information Technology and the Global Village

By Brenda Williams

The advancement in technology has certainly had a major effect on the lives of many. This world is becoming a global village and distances no longer a problem. Communications and mass information is just a few clicks away; thanks to the computer related technology, more specifically the utility of internet, which is a part of the information technology.

Social networking websites and chat related applications are now presenting quite a number of advantages to the users. They reduce distances between the users and help them connect with relatives and friends from all over the world. The aim of any social networking site is to make the application and utility user friendly.

With the technological changes and new developments occurring every day, internet users no longer have to face the problems online that they had to face lately due to technical glitches, which resulted in frustration. Now the users no longer have to rummage through heaps of messages to access a particular conversation or read at hyperactive speeds just to keep in touch with the discussion on hand. The systems have become more streamlined and responsive and thus more convenient to the users.

This constant and rapid change in web technology has opened many windows of opportunity for both the users and the developers. The users now have more options to switch to and the developers have to work to develop newer, better, efficient and easy to use portals.

In its early days, E-commerce existed simply as a form of facilitation for commercial and financial transactions. It is one of the few things that have changed with the passage of time. This historic turning of e-commerce occurred about three decades ago.

Technologies such as electronic data exchange and electronic funds transfer have been introduced and they had a revolutionary effect because these allowed the businesses to communicate the commercial documents such as the basics of purchase orders and invoices via electronic network systems securely. The growth of telephonic banking services, credit card transactions and automated teller machines has added a new dimension to e-commerce. There are still innumerable aspects of business and other related issues that are growing as per the users need and the information technology is providing a highly efficient and secure platform to them.

Electronic payment systems have become the engine for almost all online transactions. The major electronic payment systems that govern current online transactions are credit card processing systems and electronic payment gateways. The electronic payment gateways are the companies that facilitate financial transactions online by authenticating credit cards and online bank accounts authorizing certain transactions. They basically form the virtual connectivity between merchant's website and the credit card companies; this sure reduces the hassle of long bank queues and offer purchasing options when ever and where ever any one pleases to have these while utilizing the splendors of computer technology.

The information technology has come a long way and is ever evolving. It has truly made the world a global village.

Growth of Information Technology

By Brenda Williams

With each passing day, the technology is getting advanced. It could not be truer for the computer technology. The information technology is on the verge of scaling new heights. Many new internet companies have become worldwide hubs for individuals across the world, offering freelance services. Whether it means an IT related workforce or just plain data entry portal or projects, those in the third world countries have taken great advantage of this sort of opportunity.

Freelance outsourcing has become a sort of a cottage industry, employing thousands of gifted computer scientists, developers and related professionals across the globe. Rich internet applications are becoming the norm as connectivity through broadband technology is being made available more readily. More web sites are transforming into web services that are interactive and have the capacity to keep individuals on the web kept, more focused.

Even the desktop applications are moving towards advancements. There are certain computing technologies available that remain novelty. One of them is touch computer systems. It remains the most promising candidate to cater to the needs of the next generation.

Online web surfing is becoming popular and many people have started to work on home based businesses and solutions for their earnings. It not only gives convenience and freedom of time but also relieves one of the stresses of official confines.

Social networking is one of the prime internet utility now a days and it is picking up pace as new web sites and internet users are rapidly growing in number. Here few rules affect the issues; first and the major rule among them would be the power of context, whenever the popularity of any web site or product rises, the context in which it was launched becomes of high relevance.

New social networking web sites are now continually fulfilling the demands of its users; they are helping people make new business contacts, find freelance work and find the best dinning or shopping places in the city.

The web sites usually sport a disclaimer notice, which thoroughly covers freedom of expression. The internet is thus far the freest governance in the world, it is fully covered by the cyber laws that allows people and permits them to do meaningful discussions even on topics of grave sensitivity and controversies.

As in the past centuries, say for example in the 17th century, the scholars associated them selves with many societies and communities through the exchange of letters. Today's teenagers more specifically are doing the same by utilizing their potentials in a more easily accessible environment of cyberspace technologies with quite few risks involved.

The information technology and computers are playing a vital role in the world's fast growing technological changes. Communications are becoming easier and the place once the mediums of television and radio had in an average person's life are now almost taken up by the computers. The rapid growth of internet utility is bridging the gaps between all humans regardless of region , area or even genders and this technology stands really above all the others because there are no rigid rules present which could be considered confinement to the development of technology.

The Internet - From Need to Necessity

By Brenda Williams

Human beings are great devourers of knowledge since times immemorial. They are in continuous search of information and are in constant need of communication with each other. In this context, information or computer technology is the real boon. This ever-growing need is the driving force behind the boom of the information technology including the medium of internet.

Web browsing is posting new records and the average number of internet users worldwide is also increasing massively; so is the case of the web hosting services. The communication gap has been reduced to simple point and clicks. The time factor with the help of the up coming interactive and more developed soft-wares is going to be reduced as well.

Computer based technologies have opened a total new era of progress in the human world. Starting from basic information, entertainment, audio and video files sharing and transferring, emails, social networking, online jobs and even data transfer facilities are playing a remarkable role in today's ever fast moving life.

From many aspects e-commerce is also a great opportunity. E-banking and businesses of many sorts are marking great progress because of the internet and its popularity. The internet offers easy access with fewer complications.

The vast field of IT covers almost every angle with its diversified approach. People of all ages regardless of gender, regions or persuasions are benefiting from it. According to researchers it is well perceived that the role of artificial intelligence in the evolution of internet is at the top; with the use of this internet services are expected to have more interactive and intuitive future.

The internet has drastically and amazingly transformed itself in the past few years from a 'need' to a 'necessity'. On its inception it was thought that the world of information would only remain available to the screens of our personal computers, but in fact, due to the advancements of technology and with ever new inventions of upcoming gadgets and equipments, internet now really enjoys the overwhelming ubiquity. The availability of innovative expressions is now easier. New potentials for businesses and individuals are becoming self evident.

Another much-anticipated aspect of future internet innovations is the colorful world of entertainment; the music videos and internet based televisions. Many free video streaming networks are now offering their services along with new additional internet based television services really making computers a magical box providing almost all kinds of communications available on a single platform.

The speed at which this technology is moving ahead, it is estimated that services will become more appealing with extremely dynamic results providing higher resolution pictures. Moreover, high definition, user friendly sharing to promote a first hand experience to all users will help overcome the desire and personal urge of people to attain their respective goals and passions.

It is apparent that the internet will become a much more advanced entity in the years to come. Thanks to the unique but wide spread utilities of computer technology covering all possible elements of communications.

Diversified Field of Computer Technology

By Brenda Williams

The technology of computer science and its development mirrors the growing number of newer fields and many sub disciplines. Generally computer science deals with anything that has to do with computers. However, due to the ultra fast, technical development and rapid growth within the last couple of decades, computer science today covers many more subjects than just computers. There are so many sub fields involved like, general computer science, media informatics, technical computer sciences, networking, internet and such like.

The diversified field of Computer technology or more specifically the core discipline of computer science also deals with the sub disciplines like theories of programming languages, artificial intelligence, communication technology, databases, soft-ware engineering and bioinformatics.

Computer Science and this technology are interlinked to every aspect of today's modern life and really provide extended help in finding progressive solutions to everyday problems. It also fills the gaps in our knowledge. Access to information is quite easy due to the fact that internet a progeny of computer technology is providing vast and interactive services to the entire world. The world is in turn becoming a global village, the distances of communication among friends and family having been virtually eliminated. The internet provides web services of different sorts such as, social networking services, chatting services which give real time interaction to users and portals providing free lance business opportunities. Moreover with the help of modern day e-commerce facilities businesses are on an upward curve of success.

Users of internet can locate the web sites of interests in a number of easy ways. There is a variety of online content available in easy access to the common man; merchants, online banking opportunities, educational and government entities and companies listed with trade and organization names. They can also surf the net with the assistance of various web related search engines, which work magic just like genies!

Advances in the computer technology have made greater efficiencies on the hard ware side as well. Most modern day computers are now general purpose computers and they feature a high degree of programming flexibility.

As computing technology has shifted from a stand alone activity to conduct increasingly over networks, the way computers work has changed as well. Most computers used in business, and many used in the home, no longer operate in the old self contained fashion.

It seems that every one was caught by the speed how millions of people using internet started buying things online. This development posed important challenges and has implications for the technological framework of the internet.
Where, there are so many diversities found in the computer technology, software development stands as an inherently functional enterprise. Software provides the instructions that enable a computer to perform the tasks to serve the user's needs. Soft- wares can actually control anything from the relatively simple operation of a clock to the highly complex operation of an airplane.

In the end, it would suffice to say that the computer science is about exploring the limitations of us the humans and gaining knowledge about expanding our horizons.

The Human Race and Artificial Intelligence

By Brenda Williams

Human beings are endowed with the most developed brain of all the species to ever inhabit this planet called the earth. This unique feature makes the humans to continually seek change and development. The ever lasting thirst of knowledge and to improve efficiency has led them to the discovery of artificial intelligence; the computer technology.

The computer or information technology has had a profound impact on almost all the aspects of the human life since its inception. Not only the social aspects are affected but also the financial ones too are profoundly influenced.

The computer technology which can be considered as a recent phenomenon when viewed on the scale of history of the world, has made progress in leaps and bounds in a matter of a mere decade or so. No one could have imagined the true affect of this emerging technology only a short while ago.

Internet is the biggest pawn of the computer technology. With just a click of a button, a vast universe of information is opened in front of the user and that too in the privacy of ones own home or office. There is a wide array of search engines available which have the ability to fetch massive loads of required information within a fraction of a second. The latest web applications which are undergoing rapid changes are targeting more interactive options. Today the focus is to provide safe, convenient and user friendly applications.

Not only the internet acts as a highway for information, it is a magical means of communication between friends and family and can bridge a gap of thousands of kilometers. The distances are shrinking and the whole world has become one big global village.

E-commerce is yet another useful utility which is ever evolving and is making its effect felt in the financial sector. The user has the option and power to transact with the vendors in a secure environment and the deals can be closed within seconds.

The education sector is one big beneficiary of this marvelous technology. Accumulation and sharing of knowledge related to social as well as the technical subjects has transformed the way of imparting education, thanks to the computer related technologies. Not only the stand alone computer tools are a useful accompaniment to the education, but also the networked systems are a convenient and efficient means of knowledge accumulation and sharing.

The industries too are utilizing the information technology not only for maintaining data bases but also in their manufacturing processes. The use of this technology not only makes the management much easier for the stake holders but also translates into much better revenue generation.

The developments in the software and the hard ware both have been phenomenal in the recent years and the trend is expected to continue into the future with more momentum and to have profound effects on the human social as well as financial aspects.

Thus one can safely vouch that the future of the information technology is by all means very promising which will have even more enhanced positive effects on the lives of the modern day human beings.

Computer Technology and Progress

By Brenda Williams

In the late 1940's scientists developed the first machines that could store and use encoded instructions or programs. In the beginning the users performing a variety of computations had to rewrite the basic hardware of the computers. Later on the innovations dramatically changed and increased the flexibility and usefulness of computers. Instead, they could simply direct the computer to perform one of the functions that it had stored in its memory.

As computers grew more powerful and the tasks they performed grew more complex, computer experts and scientists developed more complex sets of instructions that are executed automatically by the computers.

Advances in computer technology have made greater efficiencies of processing possible with out the need of manual operators. Most modern computers, particularly the personal computers are made and developed in a manner that they serve general purpose and that feature a high degree of programming flexibility.

As the computer technology has many diversified sub fields there are different roles defined for different sets of action and activities which cover the core technology of computing. The task of adapting an application program designed to run on one operating system to another computer system is often technically complex, and costly.

In recent years, software developers have developed programs to allow users to move files from one application program to another. Still the problem of compatibility between applications, programs and operating systems remains a major concern in the computer technology and software industry.

The major boost to the Information technology was due to the ever growing popularity of internet utility, which with the help of interactive support of web browsing really encompasses every aspect of toady's life. Internet has gained such a positive boost and response in the modern day living that almost every thing seems related to it. The new television services and high dimension video, audio facilities are giving it more popularity with the common people.

The computer technology is proving as a necessity in the coming years and surely is one of the great means of entertainment; a single magical box which has almost every available communication service contained in it.

The web has become a mass media phenomenon. With the development of web browsers the personal computers have gained the ability to access a sea of information on the web from the millions of websites. Internet has become a transaction medium for most electronic commerce and it is one emerging field which has lot of potential. It gives the users a lot of freedom and convenience in making transactions with various vendors from the safety of their homes or offices.

Computer technology has created a lot of job openings for professionals as well as non technical people; free lance web portals are also very well known and active contributors in providing experts and required workforce to the relevant fields from across the globe.

The technological change in the field of computers is helping the mankind in many ways; starting from the basic household to the technical levels of expertise, the computer technology is really covering all the aspects. The prompt access to information pertaining to any field or subject is now in the reach of average person due to the popularity and the user friendly nature of the internet.

Human Kind and Information Technology

By Brenda Williams

Human kind is the most intelligent and evolving species to have inhabited this world. It is therefore always seeking knowledge, convenient ways of communication and development in general.

It is the result of this quest that in the early 40's the precursor of modern day computing machines was first invented. Ever since there has been no letting in the pace of progress in this exciting field which has profound effects on almost all the aspects of the modern day human beings.

The most important and sought after offshoot of the computer or information technology is the internet. It opens up unlimited vistas of knowledge in a fraction of second for the user. The possibilities are literally limitless.

One major branch of internet is the E-commerce. In its early days, it existed simply as a form of facilitation for commercial and financial transactions. Since then it has really transformed.

Technologies such as electronic data interchange and electronic funds transfer were introduced and they allowed the freedom to the businesses to communicate documents such as invoices via electronic network systems, securely. The growth of telephonic banking, credit cards and automated teller machines are all too well known and form the back bone of e-commerce. There are many vistas in this regard which are growing as per the users need and information technology is providing an efficient and secure platform to them.

The major electronic payment systems that govern current online transactions are credit cards processing systems and electronic payment gateways. The electronic payment gateways facilitate financial transactions online by authenticating credit cards and online bank accounts authorizing transactions. They connect the merchant's website and the credit card companies. In doing so, the user has the liberty of doing such transactions from the safety of the home or office and avoiding the physical hassle of going to the financial institutions or the vendors.

E-banking and business of many sorts is now a normal occurrence and part of the daily routine of a sizable population.

The internet has eliminated the distances between friends and family. The internet provides web services of different sorts like, social networking services, chatting services with real time interaction and portals providing free lance business opportunities.

In the beginning no one had envisioned the growth spurt of the internet and its allied e-commerce. The web browsers are instruments which have the ability of finding and organizing the information quickly and thus have become indispensable tools in the hands of common people.

The web was lately considered a medium for sharing mere text files. Now with advanced user interface, animations, video and radio streaming the internet has really evolved.

It is professed that the computer technology especially the internet has a more profound effect on people's lives as compared to the radio or television. This magical box, the computer with its flexibility has become one stop solution to all the media needs of a modern day person.

So it can be safely said that the computers and the information technology are a part and parcel of the modern day man's life and in the years to come are going to flourish even more.

Do's and Don'ts For Your Computer Cleaning Session

By Pattrick S Savarna

To see your computer working uninterruptedly, its cleaning at regular intervals is extremely necessary. However, the cleaning of your computer should not be for the sake of cleaning only, rather it has to be done in such a way which doesn't prove detrimental to your computer.

It has always been found that while cleaning our computers, computer parts and laptops accessories, we messing up the things a lot and damage them. These damages, most of the times, are not visible to our naked eyes. Thus we force our personal computer systems to go nastier rather than helping them to come out clean.

Here is a series of tips and tricks which will help you to clean your computers in the 'cleanest' way ever possible.

Adult Job : Cleaning computers is not a child's play. Their enthusiasm brings many irreparable damages to your computers. However, do it by yourself in front of him/her. That could be a computer cleaning training session for your kid.

Hit The Hidden : Many people tend to clean the external or visible dirt first. Instead, they should try to clean the hidden dirt, below the keys or inside the CPU, before doing so. This can be easily done using vacuum cleaners made specifically to suck up stubborn dirt, strands of hair etc. Such vacuum cleaners have special nozzles, meant for computer cleaning only, to do the same.

No Direct Spray : While cleaning your keyboard, mouse or other computer parts, always refrain from spraying the liquid computer cleaning products directly onto them. It may creep to dirty corners and make them greasy. To avoid such situations, spray the formula onto a small piece of cotton fabric and wipe away all the dirt using it. However, before you use the cloth, you can use a brush too to have an effective cleaning.

No Clothes for Inner Parts : The cleaning of the outer portion of a keyboard or a mouse or a drive can be safely and easily done by a wet piece of cloth. But the cleaning of delicate parts such a motherboard etc. should not be done with a piece of cloth at all, even if it is a dry one. Rather, use specific computer cleaning products such as vacuum nozzles.

Improve Your Habits : Like a human being , even your computer can be sensitive and allergic to many things. For example, don't force your computer to go for passive smoking. Also, beware from giving it something to drink and eat. Definitely, it eats up some amount of power only. Thus while smoking and eating/drinking something always maintain a safe distance. Also, buy only qualitative computer cleaning products to clean your computer.

Cleaning Pattern Differs : Not all the desktops are same, so are the laptops. Thus there is a variation in the way we clean them up. So if you are cleaning your computer for the first time, it would be better if you throw a look into the user's manual. They always carry some specially relevant tips and tricks telling you how to use computer cleaning products judiciously.

Check out a classic range of computer products.

Pattrick Savarna is an expert technology writer. His technology tips and tricks are widely recommended.

Tech News to Help You Make Better Buying Decisions

By Darren W Cho

The technology world is a fun and ever changing world. Today, there are literally thousands of products in the marketplace. We are simply swarmed by the sheer number of products that we can choose from. And these are not big ticket items. They could be just small little gadgets like a mobile phone, a portable printer, or a digital camera.

Of course, if you have the budget, a seemingly small item may end up costing you a small fortune. When making a buying decision, you need to be discerning enough to strike a balance between the price and your own needs and wants. One way to achieve this balance, is to rely on technology news to help you come to a better decision.

How technology news can help you.

Make a quick visit to any technology news website. There are a plethora of tech sites out there on the Internet. Some are well established websites (think CNET), and others are run by small publishers. Both have their merits.

A big publisher usually releases tons of tech related news on all sorts of products. The problem is, due to the huge scope of coverage, the focus is usually diluted. You will find different types of content - reviews, product releases, specifications, etc. Some of these content are written by paid tech writers, so there is a commercial element involved. Perhaps some writers are more inclined to write positive things about the products? Maybe.

Smaller publishers tend to be more focused, and they usually release news on hand picked products only. Being small, they can't possibly cover everything under the sun. So it's a wise strategy to adopt. Often, you find articles that are much more in depth. The owners are also more likely to be very passionate about the tech products they are writing about.

When buying a tech gadget, you usually pay more for newer technology. The important here is to remember that everything new comes with a much heftier price tag. The technology may not be necessarily better (e.g. buggy since it's new), but you still end up paying substantially more for the product anyway.

If you want to save some money, just be patient. Keep browsing the tech news to keep yourself abreast of the changes. For instance, how is the technology improving? What are others saying about the brand new gadget? If you read nothing but great reviews on the product, that is a good sign.

You may need to suppress your own desire a little, so that you don't end up rushing to be the first in line to buy that new camcorder, new television, or new mobile phone. Just wait a little. The price will come down soon enough as soon as the masses start to adopt the new technology. That way, you get a more stable device, at a much lower price.

Read more Product Reviews and Tech News on our website.

How to Get Through Your Inbox Quicker - Tips For Busy Moms

By Cammie Moise

I do not know about you, but my email is starting to take over my computer! Not long ago, I had over 2000 emails in my inbox and it looked as though I have not read over 750. That doesn't even include my Junk Email. It can get overwhelming and difficult to remember what I have responded to and what I need to respond to. And trying to find an email that I need can take a lot of time. I recently found a few tricks that are helping me organize this chaos. Now the unread email is gone by the end of the day.

Here are my tips for Outlook Users.

Flag email

Microsoft Outlook lets you flag messages for follow-up. You can highlight the email and click on the flag/follow up button. Select the type of follow up you would like and a reminder.

Categorize e-mail messages

Outlook helps you categorize e-mail. You can quickly view categorized messages related to a specific project.

Select a message and click Actions>>Categorize. Select a color-coded category for the message. If the category has not been used before, you can create a category name.

Categorized messages appear in the Categorized Search Folder, organized by category.

Make New Folders

Microsoft Outlook lets you make new folders below your inbox. Right click on your Inbox and click on New Folder. Type in the name of your new folder. When mail comes in, click and highlight that message and drag it over to the new folder. Below are some of the names of my folders and how I use them.

Follow Up - If I need to address something soon, but cannot do it right away, I will add to this folder. I just have to make sure I check it every day, but if I flag it with a reminder, that helps.

Organizations - I have several different organizations or areas of my life and I list them out separately. Such as Girl Scouts, the school that my kids attend, etc.

Names of Friends/Family - Some friends or family members have their own folder.

Create Search Folders

Search Folders in Outlook automatically collect e-mail based on criteria you specify. You can use the folders to find particular messages quickly.

Right-click Search Folders and select New Search Folder. Use the list to select your criteria. Contextual options may appear at the bottom of the box. Click OK to create the folder.

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How to Copy Your iPod to a New Computer

By Albert Eshbach

If you have ever had the misfortune of suffering a computer crash or hard drive failure, then you know how stressful it can be when you face the reality that all of your data may be lost. This situation often becomes even more depressing if you have also lost all of your purchased music or downloaded music in your iTunes library. Yes, some of it is recoverable by re-ripping CD's to a new or repaired computer, but the purchased music is lost forever...or is it?

You suddenly remember that your entire music library (or at least your favorite parts of it) are still on your iPod. You decide you will just download it all from your iPod to your new computer. The problem you encounter, however, is that the iPod is not setup to transfer in that direction. It only transfers from the PC to the iPod and not the other way around. Your depression returns and you start searching for solutions.

That might be the scenario that brought you to this article. You have hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars worth of music that you have purchased sitting there on your iPod and you cannot get it on a new computer without the risk of iTunes erasing it all...for good.

There is good news though. There are numerous computer software programs on the market today that allow you to easily copy everything on your iPod back to a new computer. No matter if you are a PC or Mac owner, you can still save your valuable data.

One program to consider is Lenogo's iPod to Computer Transfer. The manufacturer offers versions for both PC and Macintosh users and it is compatible with all version of the iPod and iPhone.

Another good one to consider is iPod 2 Computer from the Boys Down Under. This is an easy to use program, but is only available to customers running Windows.

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Cloud Cover - VMWare's Market Charge

By Guy Smith

No sooner did I speculate on who will make a run at providing p-cloud (private cloud) management tools than VMWare comes charging like malcontent bull in a Pamplona ally.

Like Apple before it, VMWare is co-opting a single letter of the alphabet to brand a series of products. Apple owns 'i' and VMWare now owns 'v'. I hereby establish my claim to 'g' for everything I create, such as g-confusion and g-discontent (good thing I don't sell musical instrument strings).

One of VMWare's initiatives is vCloud, which is one component of their broader Virtual Datacenter Operating System (VDC-OS) gestalt. VDC-OS - a clumsy acronym in an otherwise slick acronym flooded market - seeks to virtualize the data center in very broad terms. It already has select virtualization components for CPUs, storage and network and a 2009 road map for central management.

What is interesting about their announcement this week is the addition of a security module. Though conceptually there is nothing fancy about their security addition, it is the addition itself which is telling. As I recently mentioned, the winner in the p-cloud space will have to stitch together all the normal IT functions into one tool that allows the total abstraction of the data center - auto-discovery, server classification, network segment management, virtualization, provisioning, monitoring, redundancy, failover, alerting and more. That VMWare has taken on a small aspect of security shows they understand the whole product definition for p-cloud management is incomplete.

It is good that they recognize the problem. I wonder if they foresee the solution.

P-clouds present a perpetual problem with whole product development, namely that nobody can do it on their own. The primary reason the high tech business is rife with alliance that change faster than smoochers at a spin-the-bottle party is that everyone is seeking to create a whole product by getting other companies to provide some part of the total solution. As markets and competitive realities change, so do alliances.

The closest thing to a permanent relationship in Silicon Valley exists between Larry Ellison and his ego. After that the longevity of a press release is the nearest runner-up.

So VMWare faces a problem. To virtualize the data center requires providing in a virtualization management tool all the infrastructure management components that CTO's have bought over the years from best of breed vendors. VMWare would be certifiably insane to try building VDC-OS by itself. They do not have not can they acquire and rapidly integrate expertise in all the different facets of data center management. They have to partner and open VDC-OS in such a way that other solution providers can port their existing technologies into VMWare's evolving infrastructure.

Cisco helps. Nobody knows networking like Cisco, and they have tagged with VMWare on some other projects. Since virtualizing the network is part of the whole product definition for p-clouds, VMWare has a head start. Expect partnerships with HP (monitoring ala OpenView), possibly AlarmPoint (alerting) and others. VMWare has already implemented an API to bridge VDC-OS the data center cloud to external clouds, so perhaps the APIs will enable other technologies to aid in managing a p-cloud.

Do not expect a lot of participation from Microsoft and Citrix.

In the oddest alliance since Microsoft and Novel made kissy-face, Redmond has partnered with Citrix to bridge not only Hyper-V and Xen but Citrix's more capable virtualization management tool. This is a shotgun marriage where two competitors with nothing even close to a whole product are teaming to block VMWare's inertia. Microsoft and Citrix stand to lose enterprise mindshare if (or perhaps when) VMWare brings true p-clod capabilities to the market.

VMWare has a vision, and at first glance appears to understand that they need to open their architecture to extend it outwardly. As interest in VDC-OC grows, they VMWare will feel the heat to open further - ala App Exchange - to allow nearly any addition functionality to be added without VMWare having to build it themselves.

Once I see that, I'll know who will lead ... nay, who will own the p-cloud market.

Guy Smith is the chief consultant for Silicon Strategies Marketing ( Guy brings a combination of technical, managerial and marketing experience to Silicon Strategies projects. Directly and as a consultant, Guy has worked with a variety of technology-producing organizations. A partial list of these technology firms include DeviceAnywhere (mobile applications), ORBiT Group (high-availability backup software), Telamon (wireless middleware), Wink Communications (interactive television), LogMeIn (remote desktop), FundNET (SaaS), DeviceAnywhere (mobile applications), Open-Xchange (groupware), VA Software (enterprise software), Virtual Iron (server virtualization), SUSE (Linux distributions and applications), BrainWave (application prototyping) and Novell.

Why IT Professionals Should Not Hate Auditors, and Should Not Become Sick With Compliance Guidelines

By George J Lekatis

Which is one of the most common characteristics of Information Technology (IT) professionals? They hate documentation and auditors, and become sick with compliance guidelines.

Some IT professionals are different. They have realized that when persons that understand systems and the technical issues, understand also compliance and risk management, are really valuable for organizations. IT professionals with a risk or compliance certification stand out from the crowd.

There is a legal duty to comply with laws and regulations. Compliance is of paramount importance to all organizations that have to demonstrate to the society in general and to their shareholders, auditors, supervisors and employees in particular their strong commitment to excellence, profitability and international standards.

A good compliance program provides assurance that the firm is able to prevent illegal and unethical conduct encourages employees to report problems and to help resolve issues, minimizes loss and reduces the exposure to civil damages, penalties and criminal sanctions.

Compliance starts from a set of clear policies. A policy is not something employees have (a document), but something they know, they understand, they do. Compliance is always taken into account in evaluating all managers and employees.

Compliance awareness and training for all employees is important, but a different compliance training program is needed for different employees. IT professionals need to understand the legal and regulatory problems organizations face after errors or omissions in the IT departments.

IT persons are very nice and friendly. They are willing to share videos and songs, sometimes creating shared folders to do that. They usually underestimate the importance and the consequences of Intellectual Property and Copyright law. They don't believe that is such an important problem if they download some pictures, videos or documents that do not belong to their organization and share them with their colleagues using the corporate network and structure.

Become a Certified Information Systems Risk and Compliance Professional (CISRCP). Instead of just training, you have much more:

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