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Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to Get Through Your Inbox Quicker - Tips For Busy Moms

By Cammie Moise

I do not know about you, but my email is starting to take over my computer! Not long ago, I had over 2000 emails in my inbox and it looked as though I have not read over 750. That doesn't even include my Junk Email. It can get overwhelming and difficult to remember what I have responded to and what I need to respond to. And trying to find an email that I need can take a lot of time. I recently found a few tricks that are helping me organize this chaos. Now the unread email is gone by the end of the day.

Here are my tips for Outlook Users.

Flag email

Microsoft Outlook lets you flag messages for follow-up. You can highlight the email and click on the flag/follow up button. Select the type of follow up you would like and a reminder.

Categorize e-mail messages

Outlook helps you categorize e-mail. You can quickly view categorized messages related to a specific project.

Select a message and click Actions>>Categorize. Select a color-coded category for the message. If the category has not been used before, you can create a category name.

Categorized messages appear in the Categorized Search Folder, organized by category.

Make New Folders

Microsoft Outlook lets you make new folders below your inbox. Right click on your Inbox and click on New Folder. Type in the name of your new folder. When mail comes in, click and highlight that message and drag it over to the new folder. Below are some of the names of my folders and how I use them.

Follow Up - If I need to address something soon, but cannot do it right away, I will add to this folder. I just have to make sure I check it every day, but if I flag it with a reminder, that helps.

Organizations - I have several different organizations or areas of my life and I list them out separately. Such as Girl Scouts, the school that my kids attend, etc.

Names of Friends/Family - Some friends or family members have their own folder.

Create Search Folders

Search Folders in Outlook automatically collect e-mail based on criteria you specify. You can use the folders to find particular messages quickly.

Right-click Search Folders and select New Search Folder. Use the list to select your criteria. Contextual options may appear at the bottom of the box. Click OK to create the folder.

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