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Friday, March 6, 2009

Protect Yourself With the Use of the Wireless Spy Cameras

By: Camila Machuca

Today we are aware of the superiority of present tools which are intended to give us full assistance whenever and however we use them. Even we cannot deny the fact about the rising crimes all over the world and the administration and the other higher authorities are constantly worried to find the way out to the solutions to all the rising problems. They wanted ways where they could give complete security to the citizens and then they found out revolutionary ways where they could give security to the citizens and protect them from the entire crimes which often take place in all the parts of the world. Yes, they recognized and got familiar with the beneficial hidden cameras, the spy cameras, the nanny cameras, the CCTV cameras, the CMOS cameras, the CCD cameras and several other cameras which can be used for supervision dealings in all the fields of work. Earlier the hidden cameras were used only by the administration in some of the important places where people would likely gather at large, like the airports, the railways stations, the taxi stands, the auditoriums, the universities and so on. But these days almost every individual is opting to buy these hidden or the spy cameras so that they can protect their belongings by themselves and even secure themselves always.

I would personally like to share my distressing experience and how thereafter I regularly carry a Wireless Spy Camera along with me always. I still remember the dreadful date (October 2, 2007) when I completed my work around 10p.m. something not too late by today’s’ standards of life. I thought I’d meet my friend for dinner before heading home. The city had been home for me since a past few years and I didn’t even think to sitting in the edge of a cab enjoying the view of the glittering city with the glass of the cab open least knowing that there was a accident awaiting for me at a traffic signal as soon as the driver pulled light near the signal. Suddenly, there was a blur as a man in white shirt approached. Before I could realize what was happening, he attacked me with a razor-sharp object and slit open my wrist. When I looked down, even my shirt bore a cut near the shoulder. I was shocked. The cab driver pulled up the speed and took me to my friend who was waiting for me just five minutes away from the spot. The wound required four stitches. The next day, I went to the police station to register a complaint. They asked me to draw a rough sketch of the culprit but the incident had occurred so quickly that I could not recollect his face. After this another routine interrogation followed but they could do little without sufficient details about the culprits. It was then I realized that I should thereafter always carry a Wireless Spy Camera along with me so that in future if God forbids I would have to face the same incident then I would easily capture the image of the culprit. This spy camera was the ultimate solution to all my problems.

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