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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Laptop Buying Guide

Author: Sasha Brown

The world is moving very fast and every person wants their business on their fingertips. The rein of laptops has started and desktops computers have been pushed aside. Laptops are portable, occupy much less space and do the job more efficiently. The use of laptops has significantly increased such as in multi-national companies, offices, schools and even at in homes, this is simply because of the fact that laptops are more reliable than desktop computers. The latest laptops are more innovating than their precedes and consist of more interactive features like the use of touchscreen, rotatable displays and much more. There are varieties of laptops available that can be used for different purposes. Before buying laptop browse through their specification and choose which serves best at your purpose. The following buying guide will provide your assistance in this regard.

Balanced systems:
A normal laptop is equilibrium between a normal desktop computer. It can execute all the essential task that can be performed on a desktop computer. But one reason for using laptop is that it gives you the mobility to take your work anywhere you want. The storage and performance capabilities can also be altered according to your need. They can also perform day to day task like browsing net, real time face chat and much more with wireless connection

Substitute for High Quality Desktop:
There are also high-end laptops available that can serve multiple purposes which include graphic designing, video rendering and true gaming experience. These laptops are use by professionals or gaming enthusiasts. These laptops offer tremendous power and are capable of handling anything. They possess huge storage capacity up to 2TB and up to massive 8 GB memory. They also have dedicated graphic controller and a multi core processing unit which boost up its speed. They also serve as an entertainment unit when relaxing because they are equipped with ultra-sharp wide displays and sound quality deliver by the speaker t is also rich.

Processor: The CPU is responsible for carrying all the calculation in the system. The speed is calculated in gigahertz (Ghz).There are laptops available with multicore CPUs, which basically is the concept of running multiple processors on a single chip.

Hard Drive: It is use for storage purposes; all the data including movies, songs and programs are stored in the hard drive. They come in different types and storage capabilities. Most laptops use conventional rotatory hardware whereas, the latest models use solid state drives (SSD) which consist of no moving parts.

System Memory: Random access memory or (RAM) assists the CPU in running the system smoothly. More RAM will allow you to run several programs without slowing down your system.

Display Screens and Battery: Laptops have mainly two types of screens Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) and Light Emitting Diode(LED).LED is currently the latest technology that produces more sharp resolution . Battery is affected by the size and brightness of the screen. However, nowadays laptops are equipped with large battery that prolongs the battery life.

Optical Drive: Reading data on a DVD is an important constituent of work. Many advance models are also capable of Burning DVDs.

Connectivity Ports:There are different types of connection ports that usually all laptops have;
  • USB: These ports allow external components of computer to attach like flash drive or printer.
  • Video: VGA, DVI and HDMI are all use for connecting external displays to a Laptops like huge Television or monitors. Most laptops contain all or either of them.
  • Fire Wire: The fire wire port comes handy in retrieving video and images from camera or from camcorder. There are also some external hard drives that use fire wire port as they are faster than conventional USB ports.
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