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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The 7 Reasons WHY a Mobile App Is Effective


Brussels sprouts. I had no use for them. I had never even tried them, nor had I any intention of changing that. Even so, their horrid, green faces would stare up at me from my dinner plate at least once a week in my mother's kitchen. Week after week I resisted.
"Eat them. They're good for you," implored my mother, "and you need them."
Like any nine year old, I retorted, "But why?"
And like any mother, she zinged back with the silver bullet of maternal reasoning.
"Because I said so."

Who was I to argue with that logic?
As we move past the "Brussels sprouts phase" of our lives and into areas that require us to make mature, thoughtful decisions for ourselves, our families, and our businesses, we need more than "Because I said so" to determine our choices.

Consider the mobile app.
Most small business owners have no doubt heard that they should get a mobile app. They have read that it would be good for their businesses. They have been told that they need them.
But why?
Step away from the Brussels sprouts, and you will understand exactly why a mobile app is an effective tool for your business.

• Convenience - A mobile app for your business simplifies the accessing of your business for your customers. It brings your company right to their phone, rather than forcing them to find a computer or drive there in their cars.

• Intimacy - People are simply attached to their phones. It may sound silly, but it's the world in which we live. They take them when they go out and will usually return home hastily if they forget their phones! They have them in their hands while watching TV at night. Some even bring them in the bathroom and to bed! If your app is on their phone, you are essentially with them wherever they go.

• Immediacy - The mobile app eliminates the need to find a computer or hop in the car when customers want to access your company. If they want you, all they have to do is pull out their phones and access your app. Within seconds you are "there" ready to do business.

• Affordability - Mobile phones have become immensely popular, causing them to become far less expensive than they used to be, causing them to become even more immensely popular! Why not take advantage of this? If so many more people have mobile phones, it is foolish to not take your business down this road. And if you think your small business cannot afford a mobile app, think again! An app tailored to fit the needs of a small business is more affordable than you would imagine, and actually can pay for itself (and then some) with the additional revenue it brings in.

• Functionality - On a business app, everything is no more than one or two clicks away. It is a quick, practical way for customers to access your business.

• Multi-purpose - Any small business owner can have a mobile app that is suited to the needs of his or her company and designed to function accordingly.
For example, a small business app can allow people to join lists, sign up for consultations, conduct transactions, schedule appointments, view products, find your business using global positioning technology... the possibilities are sky-high and as varied as the many different types of small businesses in the world.

• The Trend - The trend is your friend... and right now the trend is mobile! To survive in business, the entrepreneur must be able to adapt to the latest trends and adjust marketing accordingly. If you allow mobile technology to enhance your business by developing a mobile app, you will find it to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

When viewed this way, the acquisition of a mobile app by a small business seems more than simply "good for you." It actually shows itself to be essential!
My mother could have saved herself so much aggravation had she explained Brussels sprouts to me this way!

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