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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tablet PCs - Latest Fad in the Geek's Market

Author: Pantel Technologies
The present scenario is fully enchanted by the digitization of almost everything, every single entity present on the earth in some or the other way depends on contraptions. It is hard to imagine the world without gadgets, without mobile, TV, Computers and lately, Tablet PCs They have become an integral & essential part of everybody's life.

Tablet PC is a recent entrant in the gadget market, though invented around five to ten years back but only recently around two years back, it has started being accepted in the market. And within two years, it has become the major fad not just among the geeks but most of population around the globe. In the major run of personal computers, laptops, and netbooks; tablet PCs are the most bewitching gimmick. The latest, new Tablet PCs flooded in the market are enticing due to their various captivating features like portability, connectivity and price.

This handy, sleek and stylish tablet PCs allows the user to freely roam around without any hindrance to the work. The light weight of these new tablet pc(s) allows user to carry them from anywhere to everywhere without a hitch, and the connectivity features Wi-Fi able, available even in the cheapest tablet PCs makes them accepted among the masses. The other features of tablet PCs like touch screen and an array of applications, allow you to sail through the world on internet, entertainment, education and even professional work easily.

Even gaming becomes more interactive, and engaging with a tablet pc. The latest addition of tablet PCs in the market are endowed with sturdier processor with GPU, heavier RAM and more storage, giving an avid gamer, space and speed to enjoy the thrust of a racing game and experience of 3D game. For a housewife, the new tablet PCs in the market store variety of apps from cooking classes to easy to use social media handles to stay connected while at home.

The hands-on approach through touch screen on a Tablet pc provides a more tactile experience than a mouse for drawing and illustrating. The digital content now being available through various AICTE approved vendors is also making its way through Tablet PCs. The portability and affordability of the new tablet PCs with connectivity options like inbuilt USB port and school, college as well as competitive exams content made available on them has made the gadget popular among the education sector as well.

All these features and much more make a tablet PC, a gadget to gorge you with!
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