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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What To Consider When You Buy An iPod Online

 By Mark Etinger


When you choose to buy an iPod online, you are doing yourself a big favor by skipping lines and being able to take your time and really buy the model you want. But you also need to be sure of what you want. There's a lot to choose from nowadays with iPods, so before you buy an iPod online, consider which will work best for you.

The smallest iPod is the Shuffle. It's changed a lot over the years and now is just a tiny, colorful square that you can clip anywhere. There is no screen, just the wheel to make your selection. Obviously since you lack a screen you may wonder what song just came on your iPod since you can't look at it. There's actually a cool option call VoiceOver in which the iPod tells you what the name of the song and artist are. It comes only in a 2GB size so it'll hold just a couple hundred songs. This is for the person who just wants an easy way to bring some music on the go but doesn't need their whole library. You'll want to use quality headphones in earbud style for the Shuffle to make it as sleek and comfortable as possible.

After the Shuffle comes the Nano. Think of it as the opposite of a Shuffle. It's just a a mini touch screen, no wheel. It comes in a variety of colors, from basic silver to bright pink or orange. There are two choices of size here, an 8GB or 16GB. Of course, size changes price. Both are still relatively small sizes but can carry a couple thousand songs so you can take a big chunk of your library with you.

The iPod Classic is the mother of all iPods. When you buy an iPod online and you know you want something to hold every album you've ever come across in your entire life, the classic is the way to go. With 160GB you can hold 40,000 songs, so you'll never be without a single mp3 including all the obscure ones you listen to once every 3 months.

The iPod Touch is for the technology hound. Not only can it store anywhere from 8, 32, or 64GB of music but you can take pictures and video, enjoy gaming and use FaceTime to talk to others. You've also got the internet and apps at your fingertips. It's practically an iPhone without the phone. If you gotta have it all, this is the model to go with if you buy an iPod online.

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