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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The HTC Flyer Offers Neat Styling And Great Functionality

 By Emma Rosher


It seemed only natural that a manufacturer that had established such great success with its mobile phone handsets would eventually release a tablet device and this is exactly what HTC have done. The tablet market is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the home technology sector and figures are expected to increase to 70 million worldwide sales this year in comparison to the 18 million units sold in 2010. Part of the reason behind this boom is the combination of new operating platforms such as Androids Honeycomb system together with manufacturers other than Apple and Samsung releasing devices. Perhaps the one unit that phone fans everywhere have been waiting for is the HTC Flyer which continues the manufacturers trend of producing units that are not only high quality but also incredibly user friendly.

Straight away when you first look at the HTC Flyer it is obvious that HTC have got the styling of the tablet exactly right. In a bid to makes the Flyer different from the various other tablets currently available the only black element you will spot is the very thin frame that surrounds the screen, the rest of the body is made up of white a silver parts that give it a very modern look. The idea to frame the screen with black may seem strange but it actually serves a practical purpose of not detracting from what you see on the display. Part of the appeal of the Flyer is its size which is perfectly positioned between the largest smartphones and some of the larger screen tablets that are available. Many commentators have stated that in order for this format to be truly portable the unit needs to be sized more like a book than a magazine. This is something HTC have taken on board with the 7 inch display which still offers ample size but also that extra element of portability over the likes of the Motorola Xoom.

The HTC Flyer comes supplied with a leather case which is a nice touch that many of its competitors could take note of. The case has a slot inside to hold the stylus that comes supplied with the device, or the pen as HTC prefer to label it. This pen offers an alternative to using your fingers on the screen. Not only does it offer more precise navigation but also keeps your screen looking in top condition thanks to the lack of fingerprints. An unusual element that the pen offers is the ability to write anything on the screen at anytime, regardless of what application you are currently using. So whether you are viewing your Facebook page or playing a game you can quickly scribble down a note without affecting whats actually going on it the background. Obviously you will find yourself using your fingers most of the time which is also incredibly responsive with the screens support of multi touch enabling a great user experience.

The HTC Flyer is perfectly positioned to take the tablet market by storm. The Android OS is a huge attraction as is the pen which offers a nice alternative not found on other devices. The size of the tablet is also great offering the perfect balance between mobile phone and laptop.

The HTC Flyer and the HTC Evo 3D are coming soon.

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