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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CCIE Certified Professionals and Pay Rates

As the upsides of managed network services have come as an essential need for business organizations and entities, the demand for certified IT Professionals has dramatically increased, with employers and organizations more inclined to hire individuals who can actually deliver results at pegged expectations, basing their performance capacities on the certifications and accredited skills-qualifier documents they hold.
Even though an IT Professional is not exactly a graduate of an IT-specific course, different certificates and accreditation credentials have done their part in propelling countless professional IT careers into being, with the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certificate being one of the more respected and highly valued.
Given the fact that a CCIE Certificate holder has demonstrated the capacity and ability to work in the most complex of network systems, the average holder is bound to have the highest salary rates in the Information Technology industry.
CCIE Certified Professionals and their Pay Rates
Unofficially considered as the "doctorate in computer networking courses or certifications", a CCIE Certificate holder takes on duties covered by the certificate's covered tracks, including working technical knowledge on data center management, service provider operations, security implementation, online-based voice services, wireless network management, routing and switching operations, storage networking and service provider operations.
Generally, it isn't strange to hear of Certified professionals earning six figure salaries, typically starting at a "humble" $150,000, as it is also not strange to hear of bigger pay rates being given to CCIE Certified professionals who specialize in particular network management disciplines.
Though salaries are dependent on one's geographic location, thereby dependent on a given location's current economic and entrepreneurial standing, instances of some individuals earning as much as $100,000 is known to be, but not altogether a "deal breaker" when talking about the financial prospects available for such qualified personnel.
Is a CCIE Certificate enough to ensure high salaries?
As it is true that a certificate holder is bound for a lucrative position in the IT industry, it has to be said that matching the credentials that pieces of paper gives with solid experience proves to be the ideal match that truly defines ideal standards.
Given the ever dynamic shifts and changes in the IT arena, an experienced CCIE holder is more likely to earn more than an inexperienced one, with just and easy-to-understand cause.
Apart from having the right training and the working-model understanding of today's network systems, an experienced professional's skill set is backed by actual hands-on experience in the real field.
As such, it is highly advised for IT professionals intent on garnering their CCIE Certificates to consider building up their professional work experience portfolios, in improving their employment prospects and building up their knowledge and experience skill sets.
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