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Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Need a Programming Tutor


This article is written for any Information Technology (IT) Students who are currently attending classes on programming languages such as.NET, C#, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript or just started out in programing or struggling to score well in school's programming modules.
Learning programming languages requires lots of understanding in syntax rules, libraries, use of classes and many other components. It requires the learner to be independent, resourceful and have a great passion in order to overcome the steep learning curve of programming. Thus I would like to provide a top 3 reasons why any beginner who have totally zero experience in programming should hire a programming tutor to guide them through the tough period, especially in the beginning stage of learning programming.

#1 It Shortens the Learning Curve
Beginners often have the problems of not picking up programming language fast due to the huge requirements of time needed to invest in understanding every syntax rules. They may buy a book to guide them but just by reading the 500 pages book will bore them to death or even lose interest in learning. I was once told by a student that he understands better and faster from my explanation on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts rather than reading the boring lecture notes given by his Lecturers in schools.

#2 Programming Tutors shares Real Life examples
I remembered once a student asked me why we should write comments above the program statements such as the methods and classes. I gave him a real life example of me working in an IT firm where there are hundreds of other similar developers working on the same system/project. Properly documented comments are there to guide other developers to use the methods/classes you have created more efficiently and effectively. It also encourages reuse of codes.

#3 Identify your Mistakes Early
Programming tutor has been through what most students have been through in learning programming. They know what mistakes students will make when they program and able to help them correct these mistakes early. For example, I have student who always name his variable identifier in uppercase, I was able to correct him at his early stage of learning and explain to him the rationale behind writing quality codes.

There are many other reasons why beginners or newbies who are totally new to programming needs a private programming tutor. These are just some of the main reasons I have observed throughout my 3 years of teaching in the IT fields. Learning programming is just like learning any musical instruments such as guitar and piano. In the early stage of learning, you definitely need someone to guide you through, if not you might ended up giving up easily.
The author is a private programming tutor based in Singapore. For more information regarding his teachings, you may visit
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