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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recovering Permanently Deleted Files



Quite often you come across a situation where you need to recover deleted files that you may have removed through (Shift + Del) or by clearing your recycle bin, in such an event you can use some of the popular data recovery software's that you can easily find on the internet.
Ideally when you need to recover deleted files, what happens is that only the reference location of the directory structure is deleted while the space that has stored the original data remains unused. Unless you have overwritten in that space, files can be recovered easily and these software's are easy to use and resourceful. Also, for this software's to be effective, it is also important that the user do not carry out any sort of formatting or disk defragmentation to the hard disk after deleting the file.
Here are some useful software's that you could use to help recover your deleted files.
Kickass Undelete
This software is a portable recovery system and an open source application that can be used on Windows platforms. To make it work, just open the software and on the left panel you will see the directories. Click on directory that originally stored your file and click scan. Once the scan has been completed you will notice that the files have been listed on the basis of Name, Type, Last Modified and Size. Click on the file you want to recover and then click 'Restore Files'.
Pandora Recovery
This is one of the most popular file recovery options in circulation right now. It has a simple interface and is equipped with one of the best wizards to aid you in data recovery. It can also be used across various storage devices like memory cards, USB drives, and external disks apart from the usual Hard Disk. It also features an interesting advanced recovery feature called the 'surface scan', which scans and provide better recovery results than most standard applications.
Free Undelete
As the name suggests, it's available for free and is a good choice for file recovery software. This software can also be used across different storage devices that can be connected to your PC. One of its unique aspects is the 'folder drill down' feature. This feature makes searching for your files less cumbersome and easy to spot.
This is another file recovery application that is popular with the masses. The software is available for free and has an easy to use interface. It can be used across most Windows platforms and file recoveries are even successful on Apple iDevices. It also has many advanced recovery and search options, which easily makes it one of the most sought after options for data recovery.
Undelete Plus
This is an effective data recovery application. It may not be in the same league as some of the other recovery software's, but can do a good job nevertheless. It can be used on most Windows platforms and can recover files from various storage devices that can be connected to your PC. It searches and scans most of the files with popular extensions. Good and safe choice!
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