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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Easy Tips to Prolong Battery Power of Your Samsung Galaxy S III


A Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S III has many added advantages including technologically advanced features and user utility. However, even a powerful phone like this often suffers battery drain while on the go. It becomes essential while travelling to keep a check upon battery usage for prolonged battery power. The trick is to work around with the UI to improve the battery efficiency, customize home screen and other such things.
Let us learn some easy tips to prolong battery power of your Samsung Galaxy S III.
Before we begin, you need to remember that the tips mentioned here are useful when the battery is running low. Applying the following tips will keep it working till you recharge it again or find a convenient spot to charge it up.
Using the inbuilt option for power saving
The initial step to save power is by customizing the settings of your phone in the Power Saving options. This mode will help you to maximize the speed of your CPU, adjust the background colors of your apps and programs and turn down the screen illumination a notch lower.
Choosing a dark home screen picture
Setting the profile of your home screen makes a lot of difference. If you choose to make a setting that requires a lot of bright colors then chances are that your device will consume more battery power. It is advisable to set your phone profile using darker colors. Enable a profile with darker background colors.
Another thing that you can do is to tone down the brightness. Here is how:
Settings->Display->Brightness, now tone down the screen brightness. However, remember to tone down the brightness to a level where you can still read and see the content on screen.
Making settings for screen out timings
The Samsung Galaxy S III comes with an inbuilt feature of motion detection that is capable of detecting if you are using the screen or not. If you are not looking at the screen then the screen dims out. If you have yet not turned on this feature then you need to turn it on. Additionally, you can also make settings in Screen Timeout and make changes in the time that will take the screen to dim when not in use.
Turn off programs
Often the maximum battery power is consumed in extras like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that are left on. It is advisable that you turn it off when not in use. The reason behind battery consumption is that they keep scanning for connectivity options while you are on a go. While your device is searching for establishing connection, it is the battery power that is being consumed.
Screen display adjustments
If your screen is adorned with interactive wallpapers and you have a fancy ringtone then the battery consumption shoots up. To be able to have that extra battery power it is better to turn off and change the interactive wallpaper. As for the ringtone, keep it simple like beeps instead of keeping it on vibration or sport a musical tone.
After applying the tips given above you can additionally do more to save battery power.
Other options
• If you are keen on saving your battery power, then you can choose to download battery saving third party apps. You can choose to download apps like Advanced Task Killer. This will help you check the battery consumption and also help you kill apps and programs that are consuming maximum battery power.
• Another third party app called JuiceDefender is a free to download app that will help in increasing battery power of your Samsung Galaxy S III. You can even opt for an advanced Pro version that can be purchased at $5.
• Samsung Galaxy S III is a Smartphone that comes with an option to remove the battery. You can replace it with a larger official battery, for example, you can opt for S III 3000 mAh battery that is provided by Samsung.
Applying the above given tips will help you in prolonging the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S III.
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