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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Necessary Tips to Improve the Software Testing Process


During an application development process, a tiny ambiguity in code can make huge failures not just for application users but also for development organizations. Renowned example is Y2K issue. That is why, it becomes essential to enhance the software testing procedure and make sure that the software application will be reliable and consistent. Testing plays a highly significant role in developing reliable applications. It surely helps in minimizing bugs and errors in the software program. Nowadays, there are various computerized testing tools that reduce the task of high-level testing and make it efficient to test the software program in a time and cost effective way. It is the liability of the testing specialist to figure out the bugs and errors in the software application and provide error free software to the client.
In order to carry out an efficient software testing procedure, some useful tips are as follows.
Test Early - Test Usually:
When it comes about bug identification in the software project, start as early as possible because the error found during design phase costs less to remove than the one identified during the coding phase.
Test Positively:
Start software testing with a dedication to identify errors and bugs. Do not think earlier that the program would not contain any errors. If a software program is testes with an objective to identify errors, a specialist will definitely be successful to identify even the simple bugs.
Develop an Effective Test Plan:
An effective test plan covers almost all the aspects of testing the software application and it considers preliminary planning, test scheduling, risk documentation and staff procurement etc.
Understand the Business Product:
It is highly significant to understand the entire project before starting the test procedure. Therefore, it is a better practice to involve the software testers right from the beginning i.e. software requirement collection and architecture design stage. Due to this, the software tester can get an idea about software reliability which results in the comprehensive test coverage.
Test Software in Small Operational Modules:
Divide the software into small modules and then develop separate test cases for these modules. This will surely ensure the determined test coverage.
Appropriate Test Cases Ensures Improved Testing:
It is better to develop the test cases during requirement collection or design phase. The test cases should necessarily be designed for the planned functionality e.g. for valid situations and then for invalid situations in order to cover the expected and unexpected behavior of the project.
Maintain Clear and unambiguous Bug Report:
Report the errors in simple and clear way so that these can be easily comprehensible by the software testers. Moreover, do not just report the symptoms, but also discuss the effects of errors and appropriate solutions for it.
In the end, it is highly recommended to initiate the software testing activities right at the beginning of the software development procedure. It assists in pursuing and fixing the bugs during development stage itself therefore saving substantial amount of time later. It is necessary for the software testers to stay updated with the latest technology so that they can fully utilize the software tools for better software development and testing.
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