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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Features to Look Out For in a Camcorder



When you are looking for a camcorder you need to be keen. Today most of the best ones come with both the internal hard disk memory as well as the option of using a flash memory card space. The Hard disk drives or HDD are always preferred since they come with larger storage spaces. It is perfect if you are looking for a camera that can take length footage.
As opposed to the HDD, flash memory space drives are limited. They are ideal for people looking to get short amounts of footage and can easily be edited and downloaded for the sake of sharing the content they have collected.
It is important to ensure that the footage that you get is clear and sharp. With an exceptionally clear camcorder, you can take high resolution images. An added advantage of the hard drive is that it also saves hours of footage that is in high definition. Unlike digital cameras which are relative to the MPEG4 format, it does not need to compress files of the images collected. Normally, this is done in order to save on memory space which affects the quality of the images.
Another feature to pay a lot of attention to is the zoom lens. Camcorders should have a large zoom lens with high magnification brands like Sony and Canon can get up to 60* in magnification and do not necessarily need the telephoto lenses. The best part is that you can get the camcorders with an image stabilizer which helps the magnified images look clear.
You need to be able to choose a camera that will make your work professional and simpler. With camcorders, the kind of film that one uses plays another important role in the edge that is delivered in your work. There are films that have a better sensitivity to the light they are exposed to and will work well in all light conditions
To simplify your work, choose a camcorder that comes with high quality in-house editing. Other key features of the camcorder to look out for before settling for any include;
· Choose a wide angled lens that can capture scenic shots.
· Get a camcorder with a high definition. The images end up looking more realistic and professional. For high definition pictures take a 1920*1080 pixel camcorder.
· Camcorders with flashes that are built in are more convenient.
· Check the optical stabilization of the images.
· If you can, purchase a touchscreen LCD that has a big screen.
· Face detection on camcorders help to identify the objects in the focus.
· For live footage, get an inbuilt microphone in the camcorder.
· Check for the memory space and resolution.
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