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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two Ways To Create A Windows 7 Password Recovery Usb To Reset Password

By: lanaya


"I forgot my Windows 7 password and now I cannot log into my computer. What should I do?"
This problem occurs to every computer users. To fix it, you need a Windows 7 password recovery USB disk, which can help you reset the forgotten password. In this article, you will learn 2 simple ways to create a Windows 7 password recovery USB disk.

1. Use a Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool
Windows Password Breaker is easy yet powerful Windows 7 password recovery tool. It can help you burn a Windows password recovery USB disk to reset your forgotten login password for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000. 100% secure. No any data loss or damage.
1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional in any computer.

2. Launch the program and insert a USB flash drive in computer.

3. Burn a Windows 7 password recovery USB disk by clicking on "Remove Windows Local password" - selecting USB flash drive - clicking Burn button.

To use the Windows 7 password recovery USB created through Windows Password Breaker, insert the disk in the computer you want to reset password of. Next start the computer from the disk and you'll be able to reset Windows 7 password to blank under DOS command prompt. It is very easy and takes you about one minute.

2. Use Windows 7 Password Reset Wizard
Regarding the problem concerning a forgotten or lost login password, Windows 7 incorporates features to allow you create a password recovery USB disk before the password is forgotten. It's a precautionary measure. Unfortunately, many PC users ignore it. If you belong to one of those users, please follow the method 1 to create one. If not, follow the directions listed below to create a Windows 7 password recovery USB to in case of a forgotten password.
1. Log on to the Windows 7 computer through the user account that you want to create the password recovery USB for.

2. Go to User Accounts window by clicking Start button - Control Panel - Family Safety and User Accounts - User Accounts.

3. Click on "Create a password reset disk" link on the left pane.

4. Follow the coming Forgotten Windows Password Wizard and create a password reset disk with a USB flash drive.

Note: This method is only available before you forgot the Windows 7 password.

For the Windows 7 password recovery USB created by the Windows 7 Password Reset Wizard, just start/restart your Windows 7 machine. On the login screen, click the target user account and try to log into it with a wrong password. Then you will see a "Reset password" link under the password box. Click it and bring up the password reset wizard. Next all you should do is to follow the wizard and reset your forgotten Windows password to a new one.

The Windows 7 password recovery USB disk either by method 1 or method 2 can efficiently reset forgotten Windows 7 password. But it differs in using the disk to reset your forgotten Windows 7 password. You can create a Windows 7 password recovery USB by following the steps above whenever you want to. But usually users turn to it when they forgot Windows 7 password and cannot access computer any longer. What's more, this disk is a bootable one.

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How to reset Windows 7 password if you forgot it? You just need to create a bootable Windows 7 password recovery usb to reset the password.

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