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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looking For the Top Ten Laptop Brands


What did we ever do before we had our laptops to rely on? It hardly seems possible that less than 10 years ago most people still didn't have one in their homes. Now they have become universally popular additions to home life. The hardest part about them is knowing what brand you should buy. This article will offer a list of ten brands of laptops that have been recognized as being at the top of the heap.
1. Dell makes very popular laptops that have become known for being durable, reliable, and cost effective. For the relatively low price of a Dell, you can buy a laptop that will serve you well for many years to come.
2. HP is another best-selling maker of laptops. The company offers eight different models with different capabilities and screen sizes which can be customized for customers in the United States. Users find HP laptops to be easy to operate.
3. Samsung offers laptops at a variety of different prices. The configurations and capabilities increase as the price does. These laptops are user friendly and give good quality for the money.
4. Apple has struggled to make its mark in the laptop market, but it is now making a variety of products that have been given high ratings. Apple computers are known for style, quality, premium features, and a good sound system.
5. Compaq can still be found even though the parent company was taken over by HP. You can still find inexpensive, simple models for beginners.
6. A Sony Vaio is a high-priced laptop produced by a Sony subsidiary. While these models have high-end features and quality, you can expect to pay more for them than for comparable laptops from other companies.
7. A Lenovo is manufactured by a multi-national Chinese computer firm and is reputed to be of high quality. In fact, Lenovo ranks #4 on the list of computer vendors worldwide.
8. Acer is a newer brand of computers that hasn't yet had the aggressive marketing of other brands. Therefore, you may have never heard of it. If you're looking for a beginner model that isn't going to set you back a lot of cash, Acer has a budget laptop that may be just what you're looking for.
9. Another newer company that is climbing the ranks of excellent laptops is Asus. This brand capitalizes on the netbook market and is rapidly gaining momentum and showing impressive sales and profits.
10. You might want to consider an LG X-Note or one of the models offered by Panasonic. Although Panasonic used to be the brand of choice for many consumers, it has had some problems in recent years. Still, if you're a brand shopper, either one of these companies might be the right one for you.
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