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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Go with Fixing of Computer Viruses?

People have become more and more accustomed with computers. Whether for business purposes, studying or for passing some pleasurable time, this tech savvy generation spends a good deal working with the computer. Suppose you are checking your mails, having a wonderful time playing games or doing some important work for your research paper when it hit the system. Something very obscure takes place in your PC. Can you guess what it all these indicating to? That's right! All this happens mostly because of the virus.

You will be able to see a pop up message appearing on your screen clearly indicating you that your system has been infected by virus. Being infected by virus, malware or spyware is a very common and annoying disturbance that occurs to your PC. These virus infections have become so common that people these days do not fret when they receive such threats. You can call the computer help desk of online computer repair service providers to get the right virus removing tool.

There are certain tips that you can follow for repairing the computer viruses. Here are certain steps following which will give you immediate help in removing viruses from your system.

Deleting Virus from Your PC

Open the Internet Explorer and then click on Tools -- Internet Options. Open the General tab and click Delete appearing on the Browsing section. Click Delete Files -- Delete Cookies -- Delete History -- Delete Forms. With the help of this you can remove all those files that have virus.

Next, right click on My Computer - Properties -- System Restore tab -- Turn off System Restore checkbox. After that click on Apply and press OK. Do you know that many viruses are also capable of copying files to the folder of System Restore? That is why you should turn off the System Restore folder. This will prohibit the virus from getting reinstalled whenever you restart the computer system again.

Are you facing any problem with this virus removing process? Remote computer repair service providers are there in the market that can provide you the required technical support. Have a look at the steps further.

Click on the Start button, then going to the Run area type winmsd in the Open box. Is everything done? Click OK. Click on the plus sign and expand the Software Environment. Lastly click the Startup Programs.

Next your task is to search online for some popular virus or malware software. As you catch hold of one of it, check the Startup Programs for programs in relation to that popular software you have found online. Have you traced any virus in the Startup Programs? Immediately run a virus scanning of your system. You will have some reputed antivirus tools like Panda ActiveScan, Trend Micro HouseCall and many others.

In case the virus starts with HKLM and it cannot be removed by scanning, then it is better to get rid of it manually. But how can you do that? It's simple! Click Start - Run - type regedit. The virus will appear in Windows Registry. Delete it at once.

Viruses are common in computers and many reputed virus removal software are now available. Get the computer services right now!


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