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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Set Your Facebook Security Settings



There are so many people out there that have been hacked or have been infected by spyware, malware or viruses that it has lead me to put together this blog post to LOCK DOWN your Facebook page and provide you with the needed tips that will help you not to become a victim of these malicious acts.
This is the most important option to enable. What it does is as you log in to Facebook it will text you a random 6 digit number in addition to you password that you set up on Facebook when you first registered. If you do not pay for texting services under your cell phone provider you will be charged for that text you receive.
By default SSL is not enabled on your Facebook. It is HIGHLY recommended that you should have this enabled. All your password data and any data that you post to Facebook will be in clear text. Which means when you post that message on your Facebook. Even the Private Messages and chat while you are connected to that public WIFI means anyone there if they have the know how can monitor the traffic and read everything you post or write. This option is enabled under Account Settings and Security. Put a check mark in the box where it says "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible" This will encrypt your Facebook session and keep others from seeing what you are typing if they have the software to do it.
Facebook came out with a clever little option called "APP Passwords" What this does is creates a unique password for the application interfacing Facebook that way you do not have to put in your main password to allow access. To create a password go to Account Settings and under Security. Select "App Passwords" and click the link "generate app passwords" These passwords may or may not work with some apps such as Skype, Xbox, or Spotify if they do not you will have to use your primary password. Once you select Generate password you can give it a name that is descriptive enough to tell you what application is using it. Once created you can then use your login and the password created to link your application to Facebook. Make sure you note down the password, because once you generated it and hit finish you will not be able to recall what it was and will have to regenerate a new one.
Facebook came out with a nifty add on that shows where you are logged in and what city. The city that you are logged in from is where your ISP is located at. So in the case of Comcast here in Blue Springs it shows me logged in from Independence. So if you see your session is not where you should be that is why. This will help in identifying sessions that are not yours and will reveal if you have been hacked. Check this area every now and then and end the activity if you suspect foul play. Then change your Facebook password immediately.
You can lock down who can see your wall under your Privacy Settings from who you can hide your posts from to more granular of comments and even the comments to posts of others. I HIGHLY recommend not to allow Friends of Friends to view your posts. This is where people can get into trouble. Employers can see your wall without an account to Facebook if it is viewable by everyone. At least make it only Friends.
How to enable Two Factor Authentication
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