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Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Prevent a Virus From Damaging Your Computer



Have you ever stopped and wondered what your life would be like without your computer? Most of us in Los Angeles use and depend upon our personal computers for more than we would have ever imagined a mere decade ago. We store financial information, family histories, photographs and movies, letters, and other valuable, and often irreplaceable, information on our hard drives. We use our computers to conduct a myriad of tasks and transactions, as well, from those as complicated as following the stock market or earning our livelihood from home to as simple as ordering pizza or paying the water bill. If your trusty computer comes grinding to a halt, certain other aspects of your life do, too. A computer repair professional can intervene and solve the problem without making it worse with hit-and-miss guesswork, which is what many of us try first.
Viruses are actually computer programs that have been specially created to do very specific and malicious things once you download them. Different viruses do different things: They can take over your computer, destroy data, wipe out your hard drive, use your computer as a server to disseminate spam (thereby slowing it down considerably), detract your private information for identity theft, and access your e-mail account to send viruses to all of your contacts. So, on a very basic level, it is imperative to have antivirus software installed on your system. When you receive email with attachments from people you do not know, or from friends who would not normally send you an alleged video of you doing something stupid last summer, do not open the attachment! Delete it, and notify your contact that you received it from because they may not know that their computer has been infected.
If you have antivirus software on your computer and you do accidentally activate a virus, usually your software will catch it and quarantine it on its own. You may need to follow some directions from your software provider to ensure this happens. Antivirus programs, however, do not always catch everything, especially if they have not been updated in time. It is important to stop an activated virus as quickly and efficiently as you can. Your Los Angeles computer repair technician can get rid of the virus, restore files, and fix your computer. Your antivirus software will provide you with some initial steps to take if you have a virus, but a computer repair professional is essential to discover and repair any damage that has been done.
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