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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Android Goes For Ten Billion And Is Still Counting



Android Apps Development has caught a huge audience all across the world, it has turned and imagination and creativity into par with technology that will give great results. This is one operating system that even a person who is the non-technical part of the mobile world can understand and even build apps with relative ease. It provides the users numerous apps, seamless options and a plethora of solutions to understand and implement.
Yes you read right! Android has actually had more than ten billion downloads, we never knew that the downloads were happening so fast because let's face it, it seems only like yesterday that Google actually managed to introduce this wonderful world of Android apps and its unique advantages to us. When you read the statistics it really is flabbergasting for us to realize and understand on a whole. The speed and the rate at which the world of Eclipse Android Development is growing really are stunning. It is really rare to find mobile apps and mobile development as such grows so rapidly. Especially since Android as such has so many competitors. Feels like just now android had 20,000 apps downloaded for it, and now out of the blue we have ten million. While the number seems huge and the time small, were we really surprised that we heard the figure? The actual answer is no, however here are some amazing titbits about the world of Android that is surely going to make sure that you are even more spooked.
1. Over 190 countries all across the globe manage to download these Android apps every single day.
2. The most downloaded apps for Android happens to be games, the second is entertainment, the third is tools that people use for the phone and software, fourth happens to be music and on the fifth is social downloads.
3. And out of them all downloading Google maps on these Android wonders is the most popular of them all.
4. The time when these apps are downloaded the most are on Sunday nights after 9 PM.
5. Here is the best news of them all; to celebrate the big number android is actually giving out a promo which means that you get to download ten premium apps for tn days for only ten cents. They sure are keeping up with the number "ten" theme.
This is a pretty good promo, so if you have an Android and wouldn't mind spending ten cents go for it and don't miss this great deal. Once you see the statistics you will know that these figures have been expected and well received by the company. Make the most of it by taking up your favourite ten premium apps right away and having some early Christmas fun on your way.
Android is growing fast as a platform and so is the demand for Android application development. Openwave Computing Services pvt Ltd has been one of the early starters in the realm of Android development and we have one of best Android development teams.
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  1. The same apps have been available in the Amazon appstore for ten cents as well. Some seem to be available for more than the Android Market's one day.