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Monday, December 12, 2011

Repair Corrupt Excel 2010 Stored in a USB with an Outstanding Excel Repair Utility

At times, Excel files stored in an USB device gets corrupted due to generation of some erroneous situation then; user thinks how to repair corrupt Excel 2010 file, 2003 file, 2002 file etc and searches for a perfect way to renovate corrupted or damaged Excel files. Computer users store Excel workbooks on a media drive to share them via network and due to some virus infection or other reason, these files can be corrupted. To overcome such situation, you can rely on the backup of Excel file you have created recently to repair corrupt Excel 2010 files. If you do not have any valid backup file of that particular Excel file then, you need to use some intelligent outside solution for Excel recovery process to repair corrupt Excel 2010.

To understand this situation, consider you have stored an Excel 2010 file on an USB drive which is inhered in your Windows Server system. Moreover, you do not put that drive in storage pool for avoiding corruption issues that generates from WHS. After that, you can come across to any error like ‘the file is corrupt or server access is not available'. Such errors are encountered when Windows Server is running and in executable mode. Moreover, when you try to access corrupted Excel files copying them in local drive, computer screen shows file is not in executable mode.

Causes of Error Generation in Excel Files

As the storage media is not involved in the particular storage pool, you can come across to external issues like network errors, improper connection of media storage or any other. Even you cannot edit the files directly in a Window Home Server system.

Eminent Solutions to Repair Corrupt Excel 2010

* Try to open corrupt Excel workbook using ‘Open and Repair' feature of the application.
* Try to save that Excel file in HTML or XML spreadsheet.
* If you have created a chart in the Excel file, you can use a macro that is useful to extract required data from Excel file.
* Use the backup to restore data of corrupted file.

If all these suggestions do not help you to repair corrupt Excel 2010. You can scan and repair corrupt Excel file using an eminent third-party repair Excel application like Excel Recovery software that is designed with superior file repair algorithms, this Excel reviver tool offers interactive user interface to repair damaged Excel workbooks even maintains their integrity. It repairs charts, links, cells, Excel comments, etc accurately and keeps your attachments and properties unchanged.

Exchange Recovery, SQL backup Recovery, and many more utilities are integrated by this software formulation company. Excel Recovery software is one of these useful utilities and it is used to repair corrupt Excel 2010, Excel 2003, and other.



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