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Monday, January 16, 2012

Understanding CCIE



Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification. Just the title is daunting, so is actually trying to achieve this coveted certification. They put the word expert in for a reason, Cisco offers other levels of certification, and having one like CCNA under your belt first will only build on your knowledge to help you succeed when attempting the CCIE course. Before tackling any learning though, decide which track you are interested in.
You can get CCIE training for five certifications but the costs are hefty, so you need a course that suits your field of interest and a boot camp to make sure your investment is not wasted. Each certification will be upwards of $1500, and each requires you to get written training as well as a lab boot camp. Lab exams for any of the five tracks are offered in only 10 locations worldwide, adding more to the final price of the certifications.
Routing and Switching
The Routing and Switching track focuses on different routing and switching configurations. With this being the most popular track of Cisco CCIE training, it should not be surprising that IP interior gateway and border gateway protocols are covered as well as multicast routing, quality of service, security and IP and IOS features. Of course, this means there is training required before you get to the last grunt. As always the need for written boot camp comes before the lab training because you need to clear the written exam first.
There are similar Cisco lab boot camps if network security interests you. Network security implies more than just reliance on firewalls. This track requires training covering firewalls as well as Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). These courses also detail intrusion detection systems (IDS), virtual private networking (VPD), and internet operating system (IOS) security among others.
Service Provider
You can't really aspire for a service provider business without going through a lab boot camp for the Service Provider track. Every possible type of network is covered in this course, so the written training will include more than just how to provide DSL. Optical networks, voice over IP, Metro Ethernet, and content networking are not left out of this training but there are boot camps tailored to give you the optimum information to pass these difficult exams.
Storage Networking
Storage Networking is the newest of the five Cisco CCIE tracks. Speed networks such as FC, or Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel tunneling, storage area networks such as iSCSI, fiber connectivity (FICON), and Intra VSAN routing are all included in this course.
The Voice certification calls for rigorous training and is probably the most difficult of the five Cisco CCIE courses. With the average person utilizing three to four attempts at the lab examination before passing, it isn't just the lab boot camp that you need but the written training will build you up for the lab work.
Remember though, with the course exams priced so high, it is actually a wise investment to spend some more and make sure your initial investment does not go to waste. Find the best Cisco CCIE boot camp out there before you even try the exams. Don't rush; you can have 18 months lab training after passing the written exam before you have to give the lab test. The important thing is to get into a good training program so you can really put in an effort.
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