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Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Prepare For the CCIE Exam



Statistics say you need thorough Cisco CCIE training, before you can even start dreaming about being certified an professional. Less than 10% of the applicants clear the exam on an average, and courses cost quite a bit. Sitting in the exams is not exactly cheap either, so whether you use written training or a lab boot camp, the goal is to prepare in a way that you end up in the category that holds the less than 10% applicants for CCIE.
How much Training do you need?
Formal CCIE courses pertain to mock test environments where you can get good training before you spend on the exam. We all have different career experiences so some will need more time for training and others will find the courses easier because of how they have lived through the situations long enough at work. The best way to go about preparing is to gauge where you stand in terms of your requirement for a boot camp, and before taking up CCIE training.
Cisco CCIE Written Training
The written exam is not the hardest part of the course so you can take up the written boot camps options online. With CCIE training, you want to let the concepts sink in. Online CCIE written training might give you the time you want, however, it's often observed that a written camp environment invigorates the minds better than solo study does. Whether you take up self study, an online CCIE written training course or a formal written boot camp, just do enough to get through your written training and exam because you should try to get to the heat of the batter as soon as possible.
Instructor for Cisco CCIE Boot Camp
Your mental condition for the courses matter, but so does the instructor for your lab training. Make sure you choose a boot camp where the instructor not only knows how to teach but is also an expert in the field.
Cisco CCIE Lab Training
The three most important things you can do to prepare for your CCIE exam are practice, practice and most importantly practice. It is what you need throughout your boot camp so when you are in your 8 hour exam at the end of your training solving problems becomes a habit of sorts. For the CCIE lab training, you can join a lab camp or you can rent/buy equipment to simulate the lab environment. While the boot camp is not a prerequisite for the exam and you can easily skip taking up formal training because it is usually costly, a formal boot camp can do you a lot of good if you are in the presence of a knowledgeable proctor.
Always Thirst for More
Additional reading is not just about what you listen to or read in your course. To be an expert in the field you need to enjoy your courses. Even more importantly, to be certified you need to keep up with the publications in your field. Make it a habit to read about the new methods, technologies and opinions. Read them and then assess their validity for yourself through your training.
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