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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blue Screen Memory Management Error As A Crucial Point For Any Computer's Memory

By: dany


If you're a constant computer user, you've probably encountered a blue screen memory management error at least once in your computing life. And if you have encountered such a screen, you know that only means on thing - trouble. Essentially, a blue screen memory management error, also known as the blue screen of death or the blue screen of doom, is a way for your computer to tell you that something is, indeed, terribly wrong and that it has to stop working in order to prevent more damage.

What happens when you get this screen is, you'll have literally that blue screen on your monitor, and you'll find some text or hexadecimal values which will probably look foreign to you. One thing is for sure, though. A blue screen memory management error means you have to reboot your computer if it doesn't shut itself down.

Once the computer restarts, your system will run diagnostics in an attempt to spot what the problem is. If the issue is that serious, sometimes, you'll have to reinstall your operating system all over again, or the computer may just go on Safe Mode. This is when your system runs on settings that allow it to continue functioning while suppressing non-basic features so as to allow the machine to find what the problem is and provide the right solutions.

If you're not a computer programmer, you'll probably think the information you see on that blue screen is nothing but numbers or letters that are there for no reason. Not at all. In fact, these hexadecimals help programmers understand what the error is. And only by understanding such error can there be a resolution to the problem. Through the information displayed on the blue screen, the programmer identifies the parameters of the error as well as information that can be used not only to fix the problem but also to prevent it from recurring. Whether the issue is a hardware mismatch or there is a problem with the kernel software, the programmer will be able to provide the right solutions based on what the blue screen memory management error displays.

What you'll hate most about a blue screen memory management error is that it will often leave you losing data you have just entered. You could even end up losing important files in your hard drive, or losing everything. This is why when you're keeping very important information in your computer, it is crucial that you have a backup drive where you can store your most precious files. This way, even if you encounter the so-called blue screen of death many times, you're assured that the information you cannot lose will not be lost as they will be kept safe in another drive.

Being extra cautious about the security of your files surely comes a long way when you're talking about what a For know more please visit: blue screen memory management error can do. With back-up storage, you can be sure that no matter how fatal a computer error can be, you lose nothing and can retrieve anything you need.

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