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Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Do You Connect Two Monitors To One Computer?



After years working in the computer industry, a question I was frequently asked was. How do you connect two monitors to a computer that only has one VGA socket? The answer is not as straightforward as you may think. You can add a VGA graphics card that offers dual outputs, these can cost around sixty pounds and if you are not confident at installing a PCI card you will also need to pay your local computer shop to install into to the motherboard of your computer, they will probably charge you twenty pounds to do this.
Another solution is to use a VGA splitter. There are a few types of monitor splitter available. They range from basic 2 into 1 cables costing around 10 pounds right up to complex mains powered switches that can run multiple monitors. The basic 2 into 1 VGA splitters are ideal for most peoples needs. They have a male 15 pin VGA plug which you would place into your existing computer VGA socket, the other end of the cable will divide into two female VGA sockets. You simply plug your two monitor cables into these sockets and you are ready to go.
The best type of VGA Splitters are the mains powered versions. This actually amplify the signal before they send it to your monitor. The mains powered splitters are a standalone box that has an input socket from the computer and multiple output sockets to feed your monitors. This can be very useful as many VGA graphics cards do not produce enough power to run multiple computer monitors. You will certainly require a mains powered splitter if you intend running more than two monitors of if you are using longer VGA cables. You can purchase a basic mains powered VGA monitor splitter from as little as twenty five pounds in the United Kingdom. You will obviously pay more if you require more than two additional ports.
VGA splitters can be used on both laptop and desktop computers. The are frequently used to power projectors for presentations. A VGA cable has 15 pins arranged in 3 rows of 5 pins, the plugs have two small thumb screw on either side, these are used to secure the cable into the computer and monitor. It's important not to confuse VGA with DVI which is also found on many computers, DVI is a larger plug which has a wider spade type connection to the side, it can have anything from 17 to 29 pins.
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