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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Become CCIE Certified



It is a huge career choice to take up a Cisco CCIE course. The training as well as the actual tests cost enough, but the most difficult factor is actually passing the exams. There are boot camps for applicants where they can learn, and more importantly, get lab training during the camps. If there is anything more important than a rigorous boot camp, it is preparing your mind for the job. Let's take a look at some of the things you need to consider for your Cisco CCIE course.
1. Find out where you stand in terms of expertise; how much lab training you need based on the CCIE Security lab blueprints? While there is no prerequisite for courses, it is best to have a strong base to your knowledge. Practically doing something prepares you like nothing else for the task ahead, and that is exactly why you need to take up lab training. So if you have professional experience of 2-3 years in the field, the base is there for you to build, the rest can be developed during your written training and the Cisco CCIE lab boot camp.
2. Long leaps for such a tough exam will get you nowhere, so before plunging into courses, clear CCSP and CCIP exams. While Cisco has not made these prerequisites for the course, it is important to further solidify your base before CCIE.
3. The written training is important since it provides a base for your CCIE lab boot camp. The written exam is easier so the key is to use the written boot camp to help you pass the written exam so you can enroll in the lab test. That's when things really heat up.
4. Put everything you have into your lab boot camp. The lab is the hardest part of the exam and where you need to be 100% to get through. Practice until you are perfect and your CCIE training ensures your hands will just refuse to go wrong at the time of reckoning.
5. With a CCIE course you are vying to be labeled an expert in your field, remember that an expert is never stagnant in knowledge. Other than your boot camp and the lab training, you have to read up a lot on the technology you are dealing with and broaden your mental horizon. There is a big 'but' attached to this point though. Read all you like but find the answers for yourself during your boot camp because that's what you will remember.
6. A personal lab is ideal, but really, how many can afford it? For those who cannot, the answer is in Cisco CCIE lab boot camps since these can really prepare you for the test ahead. Remember though, your training is only as good as the instructor you have. Be sure you are learning from a certified CCIE instructor.
Whether it is Cisco CCIE lab training, CCIE written training or any other phases of the courses, remember to enjoy the whole episode in your life. It is a huge decision to go for the course certification and you are giving up a lot to get to that end goal. Once you are there you will look back at your boot camp with pride but right now, when you are working on getting there, learn to enjoy your training. Let your work be your passion.
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