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Monday, February 25, 2013

What Changes Can We Expect in 2013 in the Mobile World?


Everyone has extremely high expectations in the mobile world in 2013, especially since 2012 was an amazing year for mobile. The truth is that the mobile industry is changing at a rapid pace, therefore we could see some incredible improvements in this modern industry that belongs to every mobile consumer worldwide.

It is a proven fact that the mobile trend has entered every aspect of our personal and professional lives. However, in order to see the practical ways that the mobile technology will affect and even change our lives this new year, it is important to study some global trends of the mobile world.
Interesting Mobile Trends in 2013

1. An Even Faster App Growth. More and more users have come to realize that using a mobile phone when accessing the Internet is way more easy and beneficial than using a laptop or a desktop PC. According to Forrester Research, the app Internet market is worth over $2.2 billion. Forrester's chairman predicted that this huge market will expand by over 80%. However, his point of view is not the same of many other marketing experts, who predict that the expansion won't be bigger than 50%.
All Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phones have tens of thousands of apps that are promoted on Google Play or other smartphone app websites. Many talented programmers from all over the world are creating breakthrough apps that are breaking new ground in this market, so there's no other trend for mobile apps than an upward one this new year.

2. An Improved Browsing and Navigation Experience. A good example of such improvement was promoted by Kindle last year, when they introduced a new feature that allowed its readers to pick up reading from where they left off. This feature is similar to Google Docs' offline mode, which automatically saves your articles, so in case the computer suddenly shuts down, you can easily go on writing from where you left.

The results of all these improvements planned for this year will allow the mobile users have a top-notch browsing experience, being able to browse the Internet even in offline mode. It is predicted that the mobile Internet browsing will reach 1.5 billion users this year, while the desktop Internet usage will be only 1.6 billion. If the trend continues, most researchers believe that by 2015 the number of mobile users will reach 2 billion, while the number of people who access the Internet on their laptops will reach 1.7 per month. Therefore, it is imperative that the browsing experience and navigation experience to be the best possible, in order to satisfy even the savviest user.

3. Moving to the Cloud., Dropbox and other modern cloud storage devices ease the process of connecting to your favorite media, including movies and TV, whenever you are on the go. On the cloud, you can keep together all your favorite games, TV shows, news, weather, social networking sites and music.

4. Wi-Fi. This new area of the mobile world will certainly continue its steady growth. According to some specialists, we might even see some access points and routers embedded in tablets and mobile phones. Moreover, the speed between mobile devices will increase, allowing for a better and faster data transfer, and consequently an improved user experience.

5. New Smartphones. In 2013, we will be certainly amazed by the new range of smartphones that will hit the headlines. For most of us it will be probably quite difficult to keep up, especially since new phones are announced on a weekly basis. However, on top of all, two phones are considered to be above all else: the one from Microsoft and the new release from Amazon. On the other hand, Nokia and Blackberry won't be pushed away so easily due to their new releases: RIM's BlackBerry 10 and Nokia's Lumia 920.

6. Mobile Video. Lastly, one final trend that will sweep across all nations this year is the over-the-top video trend, which will certainly make the mobile go global. More and more customers are abandoning their regular cable TV subscriptions for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Apple and other over-the-top Internet sources. Soon, we might even see smartphones that come with a TV receiver chip embedded in them.

There are many other changes we can expect in 2013 in the mobile world, but the trends showcased above are among the most important we will experience.

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