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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Compact Flash Card Recovery and USB Flash Drive Recovery

Author: Hardley Thompson


Compact flash cards and USB flash drive are small storage devices, easy to carry, used to gain additional storage capacity, to backup files or to transfer information from one device to another. These storage devices are reusable, can be erased and reused indefinitely without loss of existent data.

Data loss on compact flash cards or USB can occur through accidental deletion or formatting, from physical damage or virus attack, and the list can go on. The ideal case is when data was deleted or accidental formatted, because the files aren't completely erased. They are still there and can be recovered. USB flash drive recovery or compact flash card recovery can be done in companies specialized in data recovery.
As time passes we tend to depend more and more on technology and the reason for that is that these devices make our life simpler and easier. While there are many reasons for data loss, the evolving technology makes recovering accidentally deleted data from USB flash drives easier.

If your storage device has been under a virus attack, it is indicated that the files should be quarantined and the rest of the data transferred on your computer's hard disk.

Also, make sure that you or other people don't try recovering data if you aren't sure what are you doing or use the broken USB, because this could lead to permanent and irremediable losses. If we face with data loss we should seek a company that is specialized in USB flash drive recovery, compact flash card recovery or other similar devices. These professionals will help you easily recover data from damaged units. They use specific software programs that have been specifically designed for such such recovery operations and aren't usually available for sale for the general public.

If you get your hands on a USB flash drive recovery or compact flash card recovery software and want to try the recovery yourself, you must follow these steps:

For the recovery of deleted files there must be a "Deleted Recovery" option.
In case of accidental formatting you should use the "Format Recovery" option. From the partitions list, the software will choose your flash drive.

Clicking the "Scan" option will open a new window.  Remove the files needed form the folders available, then select the ones you need recovery for.

Click "Recover" in order to start the data recovery process. Recovered data can be stored on hard disk or any storage device other than the one in question.

Once the operation is finished click the "OK" button to complete  the  USB flash drive recovery or compact flash card recovery process.

Closing the page, in order to keep important data safe, it is not necessary to store them on a second storage device, it is advisable to have multiple copies stored on more than 2 devices to increase the chances of recovery data. Also if you are not sure what to do in this situation seek advise from professionals.
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USB flash drive recovery or compact flash card recovery can be done in companies specialized in data recovery.

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