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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Rich Platform for Application Development


Smartphones and tablets are widely used for work and pleasure. There is a wide variety of smartphones available to the users, which makes the choice difficult. Along with mobile devices, there is an increase in the flow of different operating systems as well. iOS and Android compete with each other to cover the largest market of smartphones.
Android is a popular operating system, simply due to its rich features and varied functionality. It holds a higher market share, compared to iOS devices. Users prefer Android based devices due to the various applications that it provides to its users. Android apps are more interesting and diverse compared to iOS apps. It is Google's operating system that is made available with rich capabilities.
There are few important reasons for Android's success as an operating system:
  • Open source nature: Android is an open-source platform that encourages third party developers to make applications on this platform. Android app development falls to be cheaper as compared to other app development platforms. It is the OS that's most in demand and developers have built various apps for different industries. Much of its source code is kept open for developers, and it is used to create custom apps. The investments on this platform are rather low compared to the returns it provides. It follows the low investment high returns strategy, and is thus popular.
  • Rich Features: As an app development platform, this OS has multiple capabilities and makes rich features available for use. Developers can work to create high functionality with this platform and deliver the best user-experience. Its high functionality makes it a preferred choice among users as well as developers
  • Custom Apps: It is easy to customize this platform according to one's need and make customized applications. Developers find it easy to work on this platform and create different types of apps to suit various industries - education, banking, finance, and business.
  • Simple platform: It is an easy platform to work with. Developers often enjoy building apps on this versatile platform and there are many companies that provide Android app development services. There is a wide variety of Android based devices to choose from; devices are available in different shapes, sizes, and prices. This is a major advantage for Android.
Android is a wider market and everyday new Android based devices are released in the market. Comparatively, the only product that runs iOS is Apple's 'i' devices. Android is the perfect platform to build robust business apps that enable to improve productivity and accelerate performance at the enterprise level.
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