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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Explosion of Mobile Traffic In 2012


According to latest data published by Cisco, mobile traffic has grown by an unprecedented 70% in the year 2012. This is, however, in lieu with what had been anticipated. Considering the phenomenal growth in sales of mobile devices, especially Android and Apple smartphones along with tablets, the northward surge of mobile searches is set to increase even further on a yearly basis for at least the next five years.

2012 saw an interesting trend emerging in mobile traffic. Mobile video streaming apps accounted for the largest growth in traffic. The entire spectrum of mobile traffic is now dominated by video which accounts for a majority of mobile traffic, information accounts for 12%, social networks have a solid 7% and general web browsing has a 6% share. Music streaming and other audio related traffic accounts for 4%. It is not really a surprise that video streaming apps and video sharing platforms account for the largest share of the pie because they have been the most intriguing aspect of mobile internet over the past three years but the rate of growth is worth noting.

Among the video streaming apps that have witnessed a huge rise in their popularity are not the already dominant video sharing sites but apps like Netflix and others that offer mobile friendly interfaces and a lot of free content to complement the premium content that can be subscribed to.
The growth in mobile traffic can be attributed to many factors. The first of those contributing elements is the larger market share of Android smartphones and Apple iPhones along with more tablets being out there from various companies. The mobile traffic amongst smartphone users has increased by a gigantic 80% in 2012. The second factor that has contributed to this sensational growth in mobile traffic is faster and better internet speeds. Internet connections for mobile devices have never been better and with faster speeds, users are now engaging in browsing web content, searching for anything and watching videos, images and social networking only from mobile devices. The third factor is the quality of web experience. With better displays and faster processing power of smartphones and tablets, it is inevitable that mobile traffic would surpass all other kinds of traffic in the near future.

2013 will witness a similar surge in the number of mobile devices being sold and as people also start to use Wi-Fi, land-based internet networks along with mobile internet offered by service providers, the growth trend would continue to rise further to unprecedented heights.
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