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Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Confusion Between Buying the iPhone or Android Phone


It is safe to say that Android and iPhone are two kings in the castle. Both have strong market shares. According to the findings of Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS), Android and iOS had captured a record 92 percent share of global smartphone shipments in Q4 2012. This statistics makes one thing very clear that most people are buying either Android powered smart phones or iOS powered iPhone.
But people are confused between buying Android and iPhone. It is difficult for them to make up their minds for one and leave other. It is not a simple task. Both phones offer plenty of great features. But if you look closely, there are always some key differences. This article is a manual for those users who are confused between buying Android and iPhone. Here are the 5 simple differences that help you choose whether an Android or iPhone is better for you:

The hardware comparison
The hardware is the first and foremost thing in any device. After all, every OS performs better because of better hardware. Every iPhone is made by Apple. It gives the company a tight control over the quality and avoids the chances of any type of fragmentation. On the other hand, Google's Android is an open source OS and can be used by any mobile device manufacturer. Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola are the major manufacturers of Android powered smartphones. Android phones vary in size, weight, display, features, user experience and quality.
Many users complain that Android devices of particular makers overheat. Some models simply run Android OS on low quality hardware that affects performance and productivity. These phones can hardly support all Android apps. Only high-end Android devices support all types of applications.
When you buy Apple's iPhone, the company offers limited choices such as 5, 4S and 4. Apple devices do not let you experience inconsistency of quality, but that doesn't mean there is no hardware issue in iPhone. iPhones too have hardware issues, particularly the iPhone 4 antenna problems.

OS update comparison
You have no choice but to buy iPhone if you want a smartphone with updated OS. Apple is the only company that manufactures iPhone and uses iOS mobile operating system. It has full control over the OS update that adds latest and greatest features to iPhone. As soon as Apple sends an OS update, users around the world are able to download it on their iPhones. On the other hand, Android phone makers are very slow about updating the OS version and sometimes do not provide update at all. Some users also complain that their smart phones with older Android OS do not support all types of apps. If you still want to buy an Android smart phone, make sure you buy the branded one.

Application comparison
Both platforms now have equal amount of apps (about 775,000 for iPhone and about 700,000 for Android). But big numbers do not make a sense. What makes sense is the quality of apps. Apple is famous for maintaining high quality standards for iPhone apps and want iPhone developers to built apps adhering to these standards. Only the best and safe apps are approved and made available to users, while Google's standards for Android application development are fairly more lax. There is no restriction whether developers make high-quality apps or low quality apps. All are published and made available to user.

Gaming app comparison
Mobile games are now dominating all forms of video gaming. Most credit goes to iPhone. This smartphone accelerated the trend of mobile game development. It has tens of thousands of great games. Leading mobile game platforms like Nintendo and Sony appear to be eclipsed because of iPhone. Android too is quite popular for game. More and more leading game developers have now begun to launch the iOS and Android versions of their world-famous PC and video games. Both devices offer great graphics and hardware supports. Most game developers build a game first for iPhone and then Android. So, you may have to wait for your favorite game if you buy an Android smart phone.

Battery life comparison
The battery life of Android phones varies from device to device. Android devices with 4-inch or larger screen drains more battery. However, some Android devices can work 8 hours straight without needing a charge. As far as iPhone is concerned, the new iPhone can go days without needing a charge. Still, the battery life mostly depends on how you use your smartphone.
Other things that can shape your decision include the size of screen, carrier, storage and cost. But they are not as important as the pointers mentioned above.
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