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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

iPod Touch 5th Generation Review


The device may look so similar to iPhone that it will have you confused at the first glance. We are talking about the iPod Touch 5th Generation device by Apple. iPod Touch is something that is yet another amazing product by Apple. Let us find out what functionality it is worth and the technology that powers this product.
About iPod Touch
The iPod Touch 5th generation is something this has came a long way and is inspired by generations of iPhones. The display is similar to iPhone5, technology that is identical to 4S along with the camera and other such things. iPod Touch is capable of running an iOS 6 version, this is indeed the latest OS version of the iPhone.
Design and form
The design and form of this device is relatively much sleeker and stylish. When you handle the Touch you will realize that it is slender than iPhone5 by quarter inch that makes iPhone5 feel a bit chunky in comparison. Though the slender look may have you perplexed as if it is a fragile product but it is not. But by looking at it you will be easily confused between the two as the design is a lot similar.
This is the first ever 5th generation product that is introduced with an inbuilt flash and a camera with the functionality of auto focus. Now you have a 5MP camera, a processor that is similar to A5, loads of improvement in the software and even Wi-Fi connectivity. Now you are connected to iCloud, can utilize the e-mail and even share your pictures across the friend network. This is almost like shoot and share, that simple.
Another interesting thing to notice is the battery backup that iPod Touch is capable of giving. You will be surprised to know that you can easily pull through non-stop 40 hours of music when the device is fully charged. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind for charging this device, carry a Lightning cable as other options are not supportive of t his device.
Interestingly people who are more inclined towards style and fashion will find the new addition quite interesting. The inclusion of lanyard that is color matched is something sort of fashion statement. You can access the loop of your Touch by pressing the lower back button to enable attaching the wrist strap. Now it is up to you to use it or let it stay hidden when not required.
Is iPod Touch worth the money?
Now after knowing what iPod Touch is capable of you need to know if it is worth your money. The device is priced at $299; comparatively iPhone5 is available with an initial offer of $199 that too in 2 year career contract. However, if you look at the pricing of iPhone 4S then it is priced at mere $99. So according to the pricing it seems that the least expensive out of the three is 4S. But anyway without losing focus when we talk about iPod Touch it is indeed a stylish and powerful device. Think about it, if you are getting a device that is capable of playing 40 hours of non-stop music and even click/share pictures then what all do you want next. Additionally you can access the Wi-Fi but do not expect this device to mimic the GPS capabilities that would be too much to ask for.
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