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Thursday, December 20, 2012

CISS - Benefitting Your Printer


In today's modern world of computers, most of us have access to a printer. Whether it is at home, at your place of work, or at the local library, if you need to use a computer, you can be assured that the need for a printer will follow close behind. As important and as useful as these printers are, they have one major flaw - ink usage. Heavily used printers require a lot of ink, which equates to a lot of money - unless you have discovered Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS).
What is CISS?
CISS, or Continuous Ink Supply Systems, have totally revolutionized the way in which we supply printers with ink. Traditionally, you would fit black and color cartridges into an inkjet printer and replace them when they run out of ink - CIS systems mean that you never have to worry about changing a cartridge again. By connecting a CISS, Epson printers, Canon printers, and every other brand of printer, can be supplied with a constant stream of ink, allowing you to print until your heart's content.
A CISS works by delivering a constant flow of ink to a special cartridge that is connected via a capillary system to external tanks. When the tanks are near empty (you can purchase 4 to 8 tanks depending on your printer), you simply fill them back up with the correct color; it really is that simple!
This type of set-up is now being used by more and more people and comes with a number of tremendous benefits.
Continuous Ink Supply benefits
The most obvious benefit of CISS is the money that can be saved. Using a Continuous Ink Supply means that you do not have to worry about buying cartridges, or throwing away cartridges that may still contain ink. Ink is bought and sold in bulk and not in cartridges, which makes it much cheaper, so much so, that users estimate savings of over 90%!
Using CISS, Canon and other printers suddenly become much greener. Not in actual color, but from the drastically reduced amount of packaging and plastic that is wasted.
Many people also see CISS as a much more hassle free method of getting ink as it means not having to track down a cartridge that matches the make and model of your printer. The ink CISS ink is also generally of a higher quality than that used in cartridges.
If you are someone that finds yourself changing cartridges on a regular basis, you should think about switching to a Continuous Ink Supply today!
Find out how you can save money with Ciss Epson ink supply. With a continuous ink supply system you save money and the headache of having to replace ink cartridges on a normal basis. We also carry Ciss Canon.
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