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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Easy Tips On Website Development

 By: Thackeray Scott


Website development basically refers to the entire spectrum of activities that are undertaken to create a website for the Internet and includes web content development, web design, web server, client and server side scripting, network configuration and e-commerce growth. Web development teams are formed of multiple web developers, and web development is the outcome of collaboration amongst many departments.

Tips On How To Design An Effective Website

Here are some tips on how to design a good and effective website. First, document and define the objectives of the website because your website development initiative is what will determine your website's success. It needs to be kept in mind that the customer is the primary focus depending on whom a web design is made and targeted. Outline website development strategies accordingly for particular target groups.

A web site development project must categorically define what it aims to deliver because the customer wants to know what you can offer him. Plan your web project meticulously stating work guidelines for all team members, budget, and time required for project completion. Website development is always the product of teamwork making communication extremely crucial at every step. Tracking every stage in the web development process and learning to make timely adjustments to deal with unprecedented problems is quite essential. During the process of web site development it is important to identify risks and success factors and learning how to mitigate the situation when crisis appears.

Web Design Tips

Here are some useful web design tips that would be of great help in web site development.

1.Research keywords used most often by viewers relating to your products or services on search engines. Using these keywords can help to increase traffic to your site. 2.Avoid using too many graphics or flashy images that may take far too long to download and disinterest the viewer. 3.Use few tables and cells in your web pages if possible to make it look visually simple. 4.Create effective Meta tags. Every page must include different keywords in the description and title tags. Remember to limit the frequency with which you use the same words in your keyword Meta tag. 5.Insert the important keywords as headers at the top. Place the most important information and keywords in the first page of the site. 6.Richness and authenticity of content are more significant than the design which supports it. Screen layouts, consistency in data, navigability are factors that determine a website's popularity. 7.The information must be simple, clear, and unambiguous and the vital details must be clearly highlighted to make them easily identifiable. 8.The user interface should be able to strike an effective balance in legibility, color schemes and texture to make the webpage look appealing and comprehensive. 9.Aim for the highest search rankings through search engine optimization techniques like keyword planning and meaningful content. 10.Abstain from including pop-ups and flashy advertisements as a means to target audiences. 11.Regularly analyze and upgrade your website to maintain higher rankings.

Web 2.0 is a buzzword that became popular as a way of thinking since the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco in 2004. It is associated with website development applications facilitating data sharing and collaboration on the Internet. Users here have the freedom to interact in a virtual community through social media dialogues as in social networking sites, video-sharing websites and blogs.

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