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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oracle Enriches Java Development Platform With Java FX2.0


Java development is on the increase with the increase in the number of people using Java development. Oracle has released a latest platform in Java development called the Java FX 2.0. It is a rich client platform.
More about Java FX 2.0
  • Oracle has launched the Java FX 2.0 in the conference called Java one 2011.
  • It is an advanced Java development platform. It is a UI, which means user Interface platform and will help outsourced Java development team to develop innovative business applications. This is meant for business applications.
  • The oracle has also plans to outsource. It is planning to do the outsourcing in the open JDK Community.
  • Oracle is first planning to release the controls of the 2.0 and the libraries that are related to that. After that it is planning to release the components in phases.
  • With the help of Java FX 2.0 a rich client application can be developed. This is very useful as is the most commonly used programming language these days.
  • Both the client as well as the server can be run with Java. One can minimize risks to a great extent with the help of java. That is because to a great extent reduces the complications of business solutions.
  • There is web content in 2.0 which is based on the webkit. The webkit is a well known web depicting engine. With this the outsource Java development team can effortlessly mix and match the capabilities of web and Java.
  • With this the developers also have access to the existing libraries of Java.
  • Existing applications of the Java can be upgraded easily. It can be done with the help of Java FX web content feature. Say for instance the quality of the graphics can be improved; the media playback can be upgraded.
Through a 2.0 outsource team can generate applications with the help of their preferred programming language and tools. They enjoy the flexibility and the versatility that Java development offers.
FXML is an introduction of 2.0. It is a scriptable mark up language of XML. It defines user interfaces. Developers who know the XML language find it very easy to learn the FXML. It is a little more powerful than the XML. One can use the accepted scripting languages that are supported by JVM (Java Virtual Machine) in the java FX 2.0.
The Java FX 2.0 can be installed as a desktop application. It can also be safely installed in the browser with the help of the Java Browser plug in. A lot more programs and projects relating to Java FX will be released by oracle. Right now one can download a public beta version of the 2.0. It is for the Mac Operating System. However for the Linux systems is still under the testing phase and is expected to release by the end of 2012.
The outsourcing of has improved in a lot of ways. There is a drastic increase in the number of people using Java. It has become one of the favorite programming languages for a lot of developers as well as customers.
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