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Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Computer Tech Support Is A Business Investment



Computer tech support is any service that can provide guidance on how to solve PC problems, as well as helping you to make repairs to your computer. This is something that most of us will use on a personal basis and if you have a home computer then chances are that from time to time it will have gone wrong and you will have used computer tech support companies in order to handle the repairs for you.
These companies are highly useful and everyone should have the number of computer tech support, however for a business they are more than 'useful' and they are in fact a huge investment that can save a company huge amounts of money. How is this possible? Here we will look at why computer support is crucial for a business.
When you use computer tech support as a business this means using more than just PC repair. The idea is not only to repair your computers when something goes wrong, but also to prevent things from going wrong in the first place, and to make sure that things run better than well when things are going right so that your computer not only works, but works as quickly and efficiently as you could possibly need it to.
This then will mean that your computers are first of all as fast as they can be. PC support can do a PC performance check to make sure that everything is going well and this will help your staff to load their e-mail faster and to load the PCs up quicker in the mornings as well as getting each piece of software to start faster. If you consider that an average member of staff probably checks their e-mail about 5 times a day, and that they load about 5 programs, and that each process could take 2 minutes before your PC tech support, then each member of staff could lose around 20-30 minutes a day waiting for thing to load (particularly when you bear in mind that we tend to get distracted when the programs are loading).
Then if you have 20 members of staff in your office that's then 20x20 minutes wasted or in other words 400 minutes a day - more than five hours. This is then getting close to being able to hire an entire new member of staff for the amount of money you've wasted on slow computers.
This is also before you consider all the things that can go wrong and completely cease operations. If the computer crashes that's then even more time wasted waiting for it to start again. Or if the internet stops working then that means potentially hours until someone with no experience in PC repair gets it working again - hours when your staff are getting paid and not working. Meanwhile if PC problems mean that you have worse security or you lose important data this could then get your company into huge amounts of trouble with clients and customers or with the law which would cost you a lot of money in the short term and possibly cost you your reputation in the long term.
Computer tech support is important for everyone, but for businesses it is even more crucial. Click the links for PC repair and more.
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