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Monday, October 10, 2011

Key Components of Network Management



Network management is very crucial for every business organization as your business operations depends on the smooth running of the network. All the network components are periodically monitored because if any device fails it will cause a lot of downtime affecting your business. It is very important to specify about the device which is being monitored. There are many other parameters like applications, protocols, equipment and other processes which should be considered for the monitoring plans.
There are many divisions of network management like fault management, performance, device management, security and change management, configuration and implementation management. The fault management contains the monitoring which is done on a proactive basis of the devices. Special attention is done to specify what should be monitored and a response time for the generated alarms. The escalation process starts after the alarms are generated. The methods for escalation support are done by the NOC team for better solution.
Security management is another aspect, here the engineers make sure that the servers and the network devices are secure and match with the policy of the organization. There are different devices like routers, firewalls, switches and many types of servers. The main constituents of security are password assignment, change policy, community strings, dial security etc. In the device management process the maintenance of the database inventory is done. It contains the WAN Devices, modules, serial numbers of the devices, IOS Versions, documentation of the server and design.
Later on the configuration is executed on the network for circuits and servers. A new task is established to configure the new devices, their modification as well as to maintain the TFTP servers. Change management is very important for the network availability. Many people make many unauthorized changes without giving any alert can cause problems when the changes do not work properly. The changes made to the production network must intimate to the network operations center as well as the concerned person from the IT support staff.
Another concern is to implement the new modifications without any disruption to the network. There are various SNMP applications focusing on managing the devices, circuits and servers. Its version which is applied must be noted to the server. Some customers take applications having their own software also in them; give information to the management group. These SNMP applications monitor the routers switches and circuits. When the events are exceeded a predefined event alarm is triggered for it. When making the strategy for effective network management these main elements should be considered.
The author Fateh Kumar Singh is currently working in ProVal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a Marketing Executive. He is constantly sharing updates about technical services like Server Management and other IT Support by his writings.
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