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Monday, July 4, 2011

Learn How to Speed Up Your Computer



Remember when you first bought your computer and everything was fast and perfect. The problem with computers is that if you don't take care of them, they will start to run slower. The reason is because we tend to download a whole bunch of stuff without properly deleting it. We also tend to not clean out our computer properly, which leaves unnecessary files all over the hard drive.
The first step to cleaning out a computer is to uninstall all programs that you don't use anymore. If you are unsure about a certain program, you can easily look the program name up on Google and figure out if you need to keep it or not.
After you have deleted the programs, you will want to make sure you go into your programs folder and delete all of the folders from the uninstalled programs, they don't delete when you uninstall a program.
Another problem that most people don't take care of is clearing out temporary files and internet files. Whenever you visit a web page, you are storing data in a number of different places. Overtime, this can cause a massive build up of data which needs to be properly deleted to keep the computer running at top speed. There are programs you can download that will get rid of these files in one click, I would highly invest in such programs.
In your system tools folder, there is a disk cleanup and disk defrag program. You should run these programs once every two weeks, this will make sure that your computer is not getting bogged down with data. Defragging basically takes all the data on the hard drive and pushes it up to the front so it will open quicker.
One other thing that could be slowing your computer down is spyware. You should invest in a really good spyware cleaner, even if you think you might not have spyware, you never know. Spyware will lurk on your computer in files that you won't even notice. They can also steal your personal information such as credit card numbers and email addresses.
The last thing you will need to do is look at the start up processes. Most of these processes run the whole time your computer is on, the more processes running, the slower your computer will run. In most cases, you can use a program to disable these processes. Always make sure the process isn't necessary to keep the computer running.
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