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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Laptops are different from desktops in the following ways

by: Bonnie Archer

A) The Power supply: As desktops can be plugged in an outlet in the wall (AC Power) so can laptops with an AC adapter. But how a laptop is different from a desktop is that it is portable because batteries can also power laptops. The batteries are rechargeable; lithium, nickel-cadmium, or nickel-metal hydride.

B) The Display: Also like desktops, laptops have some type of LCD display screen. Modern Laptops have 800 x 600 pixel resolution. This gives it a very clear screen and anything less should be avoided.

C) The Input Devices: On a desktop computer you usually use a mouse and keyboard to enter data and navigate. With laptops keyboards are built in but since they are portable so they don't have a mouse. Instead they have one of three input devices in place of the mouse. A trackball, rotating the ball allows you to move the cursor. A trackpoint allows you to push your finger over the point to move the cursor. Lastly, a laptop may have a touchpad that you move your finger across to move the cursor.

D) The Docking Connections: Many laptops come with a docking connection to make it more comfortable to use at a desk. You just plug your laptop in and use it as a desktop. The docking station comes with many peripheral devices: full size computer monitor, full size keyboard and mouse, disk drives and printer.

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B. Archer

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  1. I have a PC desktop and a Mac laptop. I typically use my laptop for writing and love the ability to be able to take it to another room if my creativity is hindered by my office environment. Most days I use my desktop for playing FreeCell and trying to figure out why it is constantly crashing. I think it's because there isn't enough RAM and will be remedying the situation. IMHO, Mac's are superior to PCs in every way. However, because most businesses use PCs, I need to be proficient in the OS and keep up to date with new software releases.

    Lauren a.k.a. lauresal (MyBlogLog)