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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Latest Acer Laptop Releases

By Frances Van Den Berg

Over the last year there haven't been many new Acer laptop releases, but those that have been released have been of top notch quality.

The most notable of the recent Acer laptop releases was the Ferrari 1100 that has added style and exclusivity to a gadget that is rapidly becoming every man's favourite toy. Another recent Acer laptop release is the sleek Aspire One ten-inch netbook, which is an upgrade of the previous Aspire one version and is immensely popular among portability-minded individuals. One of the most striking features of these laptops is the range of mouthwatering metallic colours they come in. Acer has cleverly maximised the screen size while still keeping the Aspire One light and portable. Ladies may be even more excited about the fact that the Aspire One Notebook now comes in pink.

The Acer 8930 gaming laptop, improved and released last year, is the antithesis of the Aspire one, as it is known as the giant of gaming laptops. The 18.4 inch monitor and NVIDIA GeForce 9700M GT graphics with 512MB of dedicated video memory offers one of the best gaming experiences around, although the price of $1800 (R18 000) is almost as hefty as this Acer laptop. The Aspire 8930 also boats a CineCrystal widescreen display and a Blu-Ray drive for a thrilling movie experience.

Three other notebook models powered by Acer's Gemstone platform were released last year: the 6930, 5735 and 4730. The 6930 is a hit with movie fans as the 16-inch HD Cine Crystal LCD panel and Dolby surround sound provide the laptop equivalent of home theatre heaven. The 5735 provides a large screen at a low price. The overall look and feel is that of a budget laptop but it does the job. The Aspire 4730 is almost priced as reasonably as a netbook but it offers all the added advantages of a laptop. This is the Acer laptop for the average Joe or college student; it is an average size and weight and has everything you need without all the unnecessary frills.

Online reviews show that people are generally very satisfied with their Acers laptops. They are of solid quality, good value and are the safe laptop option for many. Despite their reliable reputation, Acer is not stoic but keeps up with trends and the full range of Acer laptop options offer something for everyone.

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